Fidelity Bank holds virtual networking event for young entrepreneurs

Fidelity Bank holds virtual networking event for young entrepreneurs
Photo: Julian Opuni, MD, Fidelity Bank Ghana

Fidelity Bank Ghana organised a virtual networking forum for over 40 entrepreneurs to connect, share their business stories and provide feedback to Fidelity Bank and its partners on benefits of the bank’s youth support programmes.

The entrepreneurs, selected from different sectors of the economy, have benefitted from the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurship Programme which consists of the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Fund (FYEF) and Orange Corners Innovation Fund (OCIF).

Fidelity Bank launched the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Fund (FYEF) to provide both financial and non-financial support to enable youth-related businesses to survive and thrive. Together with its partners, the bank will provide training programmes and up to GH¢200,000 in financial support to strengthen and grow selected businesses.

As part of the bank’s long-term youth development strategy to support the related UN Sustainable Development Goals, Fidelity Bank joined other corporate partners and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), to launch EKN’s Ghana chapter of the Orange Corners programme. The programme runs an accelerator to build the capacity of youth enterprises and provides low cost financing where necessary, using a revolving fund mechanism developed and managed by Fidelity Bank.

In his address at the maiden virtual networking forum, Julian Opuni-Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Ghana, said: “It is heartwarming to see that these young entrepreneurs are working hard and so effectively to grow and sustain their businesses. These flagship youth initiatives, the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Fund and the Orange Corners Initiative, were established to give them the necessary support and our aim with this event is to solicit ideas on how to improve these initiatives to continue meeting the dynamic needs of young entrepreneurs.

“It is our hope the SMEs which benefitted from our financial and training programmes will grow to become big businesses that significantly impact Ghana and beyond,” he disclosed.

Some of the young entrepreneurs who attended the networking forum expressed their appreciation to Fidelity Bank and its partners for the ongoing assistance to grow their businesses. They were optimistic that the feedback they shared with Fidelity Bank will be incorporated into the programmes to benefit participants. Under the Fidelity Young Entrepreneurship Programme, Fidelity Bank has disbursed over GH¢3million loans to beneficiaries.

Fidelity’s support of young entrepreneurs forms part of the bank’s ‘Together We’re More’ brand promise that views success as a collaborative effort among key stakeholders working together toward a greater good. Fidelity has proven that by working together with entrepreneurs, it can help them realise their business dreams – which ultimately contributes to the nation’s economic growth.

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