Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam: Be your own cheerleader

Wheel of life Series with  Lady Sam: Make an impact

Last week, I wrote on starting your morning right, because how you start your day can set the precedence for the day. This week I write on being your biggest cheerleader, as the two are interlinked. How you start off your day and having the ability to be able to motivate yourself is very much interlinked, you need to cheer yourself on.

There are some clients who come to see me, who just need to be motivated to do what they want to do, though they know what they need to do. I have found that the main challenge when it comes to being motivated before taking action, is that one can never really determine when they are going to get that wind of inspiration, nor can they know when someone is going to inspire or motivate them because that normally happens randomly.

The truth is we can all wake up not feeling our best or even feeling not bothered to do much at all, on odd occasions this is not unusual, but these are the times that we need to get up and intentionally motivate ourselves. There are even times or situations whereby others can make you feel that you cannot achieve or are not good enough in a particular area.

These are the times you have to speak to yourself and tell yourself that you are wonderful, that you are great, you are amazing and you have just what you need to become all that you need to be. You are good enough.

You must always be ready to cheer yourself up and cheer yourself on.

Be self motivated. You always need to believe in yourself and your abilities otherwise how do you expect others to. Nobody goes into an interview and say’s ” I would love the opportunity to work with you, however, if you find somebody better than me then I guess you should offer the job to them.”

In an interview, you are always meant to put your best foot forward and promote yourself (not in a boastful way) you must always be ready to have a good narrative of yourself in an interview and in life in general.

If you have difficulty doing this then do what a colleague of mine does and write down all the positive things said about you in a day for a week or two and whenever you are feeling less than, refer to it, lift yourself up, it serves as a good reminder.

Get into the habit of cheering yourself on, if you don’t then how do you expect others to.


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