Hiring on a startup Budget? Here’s How to succeed

Hiring on a startup Budget? Here’s How to succeed

Starting a business is always tough with so many challenges. It requires a lot of knowledge skill and determination to kick start your entrepreneurial journey. Many individuals end up quitting and do not see their business ideas become profitable entities. However, there are many other success stories that would inspire you to keep going.

One Major Challenge with startups is the labor and organizational setup. Many businesses try to do everything on their own or try to hire staff when they are not yet in a financial position to hire full time workers. Equally, finding the right talent for a startup salary is also a challenge.

Here, we want to share with you a way that guarantees you find the right labor for your business. One that suits your budget and does not put a strain on your finances.

The workforce is changing all over the world and freelancers forms a growing part of the global workforce. Many more skilled talents prefer to work from home due to a variety of reasons, mainly down to flexibility. As a business owner and entrepreneur, this is one area you have to invest in and gain the competitive advantage.

It is not WHERE the job is done, but HOW it is DONE

So why should you hire a freelancer ?

In fulfilling critical roles, it is important to hire professionals with special expertise. Instead of hiring a full-time employee on a monthly salary (that you do not even have or which will put a strain on your finances), hire a professional with a specific skillset for that specific task. This is because freelancers tend to be experts in their selected fields, even though they are competent in other professional tasks. As such, these freelancers can offer a service that simply no one under your current staff can provide. This allows you to pay specifically for that service and negotiate a budget that suits your pocket.

Another important reason to hire a freelancer is the fact that it requires less supervision. As a startup, there is a lot to do to keep up with the existing market. And many times as a business owner, you can get overwhelmed. It is important to manage your time effectively to improve productivity and profitability. Hence, there isn’t enough time on your hands for teaching and supervision. Hiring freelancers help ease this burden. Freelancers require a low level of supervision due to the fact they’re representing themselves and have executed similar tasks many times before. They are most likely to approach a project diligently and intelligently with little direction—after all, their livelihood depends on it as they do not receive pay until the job is complete to satisfaction and on time.

Unlimited talent is another key benefit of working with freelancers. Why just have one dish when you can have an entire buffet at your disposal. The task you are looking to execute can be completed by many skilled talents all around the world. It allows you to hire the best possible person for the job and not limit yourself to candidates in your nearest geographical area.

The most important aspect of hiring a remote worker / freelancer is the SAVINGS!!! When you hire a freelancer, you save cost of tools and equipment, electric bills, taxes, social security, medical care, insurance and so much more as compared to hiring a full time employee. You can even cut down the premium cost of office spaces, desks, printers etc. There are many upsides to hiring a freelancer as a startup.

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