CalBank Obaapa Series: A focus on May’s Surgical

CalBank Obaapa Series: A focus on May’s Surgical
Mabel Serwaah Antwi, owner of May’s Surgical

I started my business operations in September 2005 as a surgical products supplier such as strings, needle, gauze, cotton, examination gloves, bandage, blood pressure machines etc. My name is Mabel Serwaah Antwi, owner of May’s Surgical, I operate from Okaishie drug lane.

Before accessing CalBank Obaapa Loan, I was trading with internally generated funds as such was always under financial pressure. Though I buy my stock with cash, I sell on both retail and wholesale basis with flexible credit payment terms for my customers. I realized that despite my over 15 years of business experience, I barely had enough capital to turn around.

Each time I needed to place an order for goods, I had to run around to raise the required amount which was mostly inadequate. I mostly ended up not having enough stock to meet my customers’ demands. I also had plans of opening a pharmacy in the Okaishie drug lane area but did not have enough funds to realize that. It was at this point that I knew that my business needed financial support.

I was approached in 2019 by a staff of CalBank from the Derby Avenue Branch to open an account with the bank. I was a bit hesitant because I already had an account with another bank. After so much persistence by the staff, I opened the account. The women’s banking team later visited my shop to tell me about their support for women businesses.

The concessionary interest rate and the flexible collateral arrangement were just what I needed.  It had room to accommodate the nature of my business. After briefing the women’s banking team of the nature of my business, the team was able to come up with a tailor-made solution to meet my needs.

I have recently realized my dream of opening the wholesale pharmacy shop at Okaishie drug lane and over the years I have had enough working capital support for the surgical supplies business as well. I am currently able to place enough orders to meet my demands both the surgical supplies and the pharmacy.

I have seen tremendous growth in my business since I took advantage of the Obaapa Loan. My business has expanded as such have employed seven additional staff. I have also become a one- stop shop for my customers.

I recommend CalBank Obaapa Loan to any woman in business because you do not only get financial assistance, you are also able to build up savings to cushion your business and the customer relationship management is so on point.

I commend CalBank Plc for creating a Unit that is solely dedicated to nurturing and growing Women Businesses. CalBank Obaapa Loan is not just talk; I have experienced it. CalBank Forward together.


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