Poetry Corner: Once upon a mealtime

Poetry Corner

Once upon a breakfast

There lived Corn

Corn gave life to a family of daily porridge

Mpampa and Hausa Kooko and Egbeemi

Mpampa loved to cook thick with hot ginger

Hausa Kooko fared well in nature’s colourful spices

Always in harmony with Koose’s spicy flavour

But Egbeemi preferred to stay white and yet rough


Now in these days of a fast break

Corn suffers a scorn

Corn must give way to a morning beverage

Custard and Coffee and Lipton tea

As well as the fake corn in the Cornflakes

Corn gives way to yet another

A very long and winding… sticky Spaghetti

Giving no way at all…to even an Oatmeal!


Once upon a lunch break

There lived tubers and fingers

From nature’s store of carbohydrates

Apem and Cocoyam and Pona Yam

Apem nearly always appeared in Apotoyiwa

Surrounded by kontomire’s greenland

Cocoyam called along a sauce created from garden eggs

But Yam liked to be smashed into Eto

Made from palm oil, groundnuts and boiled eggs


Not so long ago

There also lived Rice and Beans and Plantain

Beans mingled with Gari in red

To accompany ripe Plantain

…in red red

Then Beans mingled with Rice later

To chaperon Gari and Talia

…in waakye


Now in these days of a fast brunch

They have loved an easy munch

From a prized Pizza to a fried Gizzard

From a spiced grilled chicken

To a Ketched  up fried rice

From minced yam balls to fried yam chips


Once upon our supper

There lived Cassava

And there lived green Apentu

The two mixed uniformly in a mortar

The mixture landed heavily in an Asenka

And waited for a sizzling Abunuabunu

To invite many licking fingers


Not so long ago

There lived Corn dough

And Cassava dough

The two doughs mixed smoothly

In a hot aluminum pot

The two rounded up in a waiting bowl

And waited for slimy okra

To measure slippery morsels with speed


Whilst one corn dough learned to stand alone as Etsew

To learn to speak Fantse Fantse

Another corn dough turned and turned to churn out Kenkey

Keenkey teamed up with a green pepper

And a blackened shito

To meet fried fish on a hot afternoon


Not long after that

There also lived powdered Millet

Also powdered Okra and Kuka

To give life to an evergreen Satoroga

The two powders blended and bonded

To give birth to an appetizing Tuo Zaafi

Just as a powdered cassava turned dark brown

To transmogrify into Kokonte


Now in these days of a fat dinner

They have dined just to be fine

From banku balled in a plastic wrap… and a tempered Tilapia

To Indomie with a spicy kit

To a rolling Shawammar

To a hotdog and a barbecued goat

…on a beer


Once upon a time

We waited for our farmers

To work hard to our good health

Now in these days of a fast mealtime

We dote on our importers

Thankful for working on our craving taste buds


Once upon a time… never comes again

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