CIFIAG urges newly inducted members to adhere to high professional standards

CIFIAG newly inducted members to adhere to high professional standards

The Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts Ghana (CIFIAG) has urged its newly inducted members to adhere to high professional standards and be mindful of the intrusion of partisan politics in their effort to provide critical analysis capable of growing the economy.

According to the President of CIFIAG, Dr. Daniel Amateye Anim-Prempeh, professionals are not speaking and writing enough to address critical issues of the economy – a situation he believes might be the result of political victimisation or the intrusion of partisan politics.

However, he said, irrespective of where inductees might work, there is a need to provide sound analysis to guide policy decisions and contribute toward the growth of businesses and the economy; adding that they must not substitute professionalism for partisan politics.

“My call is for all members to rise up and contribute toward national development, providing sound alternative and credible policy direction to government. We must contribute to transformation of the economy by writing on issues of the economy to give more insights.

“We encourage them to behave professionally and ethically to ensure that they drive the organisation to make profit and survive. More importantly, those working in the government sector must understand the thin line between professionalism and partisan politics; and must always offer professional advice. They must not allow political manipulations to undermine what they have acquired over the period,” he said

He made these remarks at the 7th induction ceremony of CIFIAG, themed ‘Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery Agenda: the Role of the Financial and Investment Analyst’ in Accra.

The 45 new inductees included 6 Doctoral/Senior Fellows, 5 fellow members, 8 full members, 18 associate members, 1 professional advanced diploma (intermediate) and 7 inductees under professional diploma.

Sandra Beecham from the category of associate members was recognised as having the best examination scores in Financial and Investment Analysis.

Dr. Isaac Ntiamoah, registrar of CIFIAG, also called on organisations to put in place the needed resources to ensure Financial and Investment analysts work effectively.

He said this is very important, because it will influence work output and safeguard the organisation against risk and unforeseen losses that might occur in investments and legal issues, as effective decisions will be taken on time.

He said the recent collapse of some banking institutions would have been prevented or reduced if professional financial analysts were engaged and offered the necessary resources to work effectively.

According to Director of the institute, Dr. Moses Agoro, CIFIAG is concerned with improving economic direction for prosperity; to develop from time-to-time ethics in finance and investment to meet national, regional and international standards.

“Professional Analysts are hybrid professionals, multi-tasking day-to-day to make the economy worthwhile – especially the financial investment sector – yet distinct from several other professions,” he stated

“We have lots of assignments, especially now with the current global instability in the financial/ investment world. The caption of our annual conference speaks volumes to us and particularly to our inductees; we must live up to expectations,” he added.

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