Agrigold Magazine launched

Agrigold Magazine launched

The WeComm Agri-media and Consultancy Limited has launched the first ever agribusiness magazine in Ghana dubbed the “Agrigold Magazine”.

The main objective of the magazine which would be published twice a year and has an online news portal version, – – to simplify the message of agriculture to all stakeholders in order to drive growth in the industry.

A Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua, who launched the magazine in Accra said Agrigold Magazine would play an important role in the implementation of the government’s flagship programme, Planting for Food and Jobs and thus contribute to make Ghana food and nutritionally secure by 2030.

He said the magazine brigaded the information gap among players in the agriculture sector by highlighting all that was needed to successfully engage in the sector such as the necessary technology, machines, input and most importantly information.

“I have gone through Agrigold and it contains a lot and every farmer and person who wants to do business or have a career in agriculture needs to be aware of this magazine – there has never been a magazine of this sought which is seeking to talk about agriculture and provide information”, he said.

According to the Deputy Minister, a lot of things are happening in Ghana particular in the agriculture sector and every Ghanaian must participate in it participate.

“The name of magazine suggests there is Gold in agriculture and every one should participate in it – because there is a lot of benefits from Agriculture”, he added.

He further stated the government was in full support of the publication of the magazine and would do everything needed to sustain the project.

On his part, the General Manger of WeComm Agri-media and Consultancy Limited, Mr Edwin Narter said aim of the magazine and the news portal was to help Ghanaians tap into the hidden worth in agriculture by presenting to them opportunities in sector in the way they can easily understand.

“Indeed, there is gold in Agriculture and Agrigold is the beginning towards harnessing this Gold”, he said.

“This magazine seeks to inform, educate and inspire the general public primary in the field of agri-business by sharing very interesting live style articles of a woman or man in the business in a very simple language taking away all the technical terms in the business”, he added.

He said the magazine also recognize successful agrobusiness or agrobusiness icons adding that the first edition which was just launched highlighted the role Prof Irene Susana Egyir the first dean in the School of Agriculture, University of Ghana has played in the development of Agriculture in Ghana

In a remark, the Chief Executive Officer of Newage Agric Solutions Limited, Mr William Kotey said the magazine and news portal would help make agribusiness attractive to all Ghanaians, particularly the teaming unemployed youth.

He said the Agrigold would provide information that would help train people interested in farming who might not have any experience in the field adding that the news portal also gave people the opportunity to ask question.

“We are hoping that the interest that this would bring to agriculture would be sustain and indeed we are hoping that more would participate in agriculture”, he added.




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