CIB prez: newly inducted females must aspire for banking sector leadership

CIB prez: newly inducted females must aspire for banking sector leadership

The President of the Charted Institute of Bankers, Patricia Sappor, has charged newly inducted female bankers to yearn to become the next president after her, and subsequently become leaders in the industry.

According to her, in over a half-century of the institution’s existence, she is the only female to emerge as president and would love to see other females take up the challenge.

“And to the females, I am challenging all of you that in the next few months I should see one of you emerging as the next president of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and the second woman in over 50 years to become the second president,” she said.

She was speaking at the 12th Graduation and Induction Ceremony of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB) held at the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission in Accra. Ms. Sappor said her observations showed that women are just as competent to lead the institution; however, most of them fear to compete.

“All that I have observed over the period is that women fear to compete even though they have the ability and capacity; and therefore I just want to encourage women to be very bold, because they have what it takes to perform whatever responsibilities are given to them,” she added.

Patricia Sappor, President of CIB Ghana

She further encouraged the inductees and graduates to continuously upgrade themselves to meet up with new trends. “It is also important for all of us to continue upgrading ourselves; every now and then we should keep reading and revising the curriculum because we are in the digital space, and therefore things are changing,” she noted.

She stated the need to build and maintain good relationships is an essential element needed in career growth, while urging them to continue rising up while upholding their value with the utmost professionalism, integrity and excellence.

“Also, building the right relationship will take you very far; therefore, know who you relate with – people that can encourage you, people that can support you. And try and get yourself mentors in your workplace who will help you in your career,” she said.

The Chartered Institute of Bankers-Ghana promotes the study of banking and regulates practice of the banking profession in the country. It serves as a professional body for banks and other financial institutions with the aim of establishing ethical standards and providing stimulus for the development of competent and more qualified human resources – which will enable the banks to offer efficient and competitive services to meet or exceed the constantly changing customer needs.

Founded in 1963 to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and regular interactions among members who had returned from their studies in the UK, the Institute has grown to be the principal body for teaching and learning banking in Ghana.




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