Imaby Homes launches its new project- the ACE


Imaby Homes, a fast-growing real estate division under the Abuya Group of Companies, dedicated to partnering with people to build their dream homes, has launched its new project – the ACE. The ACE is a model house located in Tseaddo, about 10 minutes’ drive from the airport. It is a one storey luxury home, designed and executed with precision.

This pristine property boasts of five bedrooms, a modern ergonomic kitchen, a gym, an office, a bar, a uniquely glassed out dining area, two spacious living areas on both floors, a six feet swimming pool with a grey stone fountain as a backdrop, a garage big enough for two cars, a balcony overlooking the coffee streets of Tseaddo and a big, tiled compound, a security post and an automated gate.

According to Iddrisu Aminu, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Abuya Group, Imaby Homes, are moderately priced and offer luxury and comfort, while providing a flexible paying plan for potential buyers.

He said his outfit is keen about helping and leading people to build their dream homes, thus transforming rent driven model to ownership.

“We envision beautiful living memories by enabling customers to transform their lifestyle from rent driven model to their dream of home ownership with flexible paying plan, we are making our home a smart home, we build our home like we will stay in it not like we will sell it , so quality is not compromised,” he said .

Mr. Aminu, said the flexible payment plan could be that a potential buyer wants to pay for the house to be built and furnished, pay on installment basis at a specific duration or want to buy when it is built and furnished, and this influences the price to be paid.

“We agreed that if someone is bringing money for the building process, he or she must enjoy some comfort, the already completed building that could go for US$400,000 could be giving to the person like US$350,000, and someone who might be paying in installment could buy at US$370,000,” he added.

He also revealed that their incoming project, will be a mini estate town houses which will be located at Tantra Hills and Tseaddo enclave. It would be a gated community, one-storey building ensuite luxury house.

“Our new project is a nine unit gated community in Tseaddo, and a two unit at Tantra hill, which is also a contemporary housing unit in the middle of town, actually we are aimed at giving client affordability, so the nine unit is going for US$400,000 and that’s if the apartment is completed,” he said.

Amenities such as water treatment plant, 24-hour security, garage, swimming pool, 24hour electricity/solar plant are always ensured and also at buildings are located at prime locations.

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