Zeepay appoints Kwame Baah-Gyimah as Head of Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance: Zeepay appoints Kwame Baah-Gyimah

Zeepay has appointed Kwame Baah-Gyimah as Senior Manager responsible for Risk and Compliance at the Zeepay campus in Cantonments. This appointment comes at a time when Zeepay has just concluded its fincrime audit performed by Dark Money Files – a leading Fincrime Agency in Europe, coupled with an annual AML Audit by Hulogis.

“This is all in an effort to consolidate our gains as a global fintech company at a time when we are working to implement other compliance platforms, such as Paygilant and Theta Ray, to enhance our service offering,” a statement from Zeepay said.

Prior to joining Zeepay, Kwame worked at FINRA – a U.S. based financial services regulator where he managed the Transparency Services Department corporate actions programme as an Associate Director.  After his appointment to this present role, Kwame said: “It is such a blessing to join a team dedicated to advancing financial inclusion in Ghana and Africa by providing an agnostic financial platform for financial services such as mobile payments and remittances”.

Kwame will be responsible for coordinating the risk & compliance functions and implementing preemptive measures to ensure that the risk management framework is adhered to; with the goals of mitigating risks, increasing shareholder value and protecting the company’s status as a Bank of Ghana-regulated financial entity.

Kwame received a Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Political Science) from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Science (Finance & Economics) degree from Johns Hopkins University. Kwame is married to Kimberley Baah-Gyimah and the couple have four children.

Zeepay is the fastest-growing mobile financial services company across Africa, with operations in Ghana and the United Kingdom – terminating to 20 countries across Africa and with termination agreements in over 90 jurisdictions globally.

The company specialises in remittance termination into mobile wallets and is completely network and partner agnostic. It is a wholly Ghanaian- owned company and regulated in the UK by Financial Conduct Authority-FCA #592538 and in Ghana by Bank of Ghana- 00001 under the Payment Systems and Services Act, 2019 (Act 987). Zeepay supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 and is considered a Financial Inclusion Company positioned to improve last mile access.

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