Transit shippers sensitised on challenges confronting Axle Load Control programme

Transit shippers sensitised on challenges confronting Axle Load Control programme

Transit Shippers’ truck drivers in the Western Region have been sensitized on the nation’s Axle Load Control programme and its necessity not only for road safety but longevity.

The sensitization was organised on the back of several grievances by transit shippers’ truck drivers and the Police MTTD about the implementation of the Axle Load Control program.

A Principal Freight and Logistics Officer at the Ghana Shipper’s Authority (GSA), Abdul Haki Bashiru-Dine, addressing the truck drivers mentioned that the move was to educate shippers and create awareness among them on some of the new directives that had been added to the Axle Load Policy. It was also to receive feedback on the challenges the drivers have been facing on the nation’s corridors in the execution of the Axle Load regime.

The event was held at the Conference Room of the Takoradi Shippers’ Centre as part of the 15th Western Regional Transit Shipper Committee meeting meant to facilitate stakeholder discussions on transit trade challenges and find innovative solutions.

The Axle Load Control Policy is being implemented to reduce the overloading of heavy vehicles, thereby preserving the investment made in the provision of road infrastructure and reduction of road traffic crashes to the barest minimum as well as reducing vehicle operating costs.

An Axle Load Coordinator of the Ghana Highway Authority, Samuel Antobam, gave an overview of the Axle Load policy, the status of implementation and highlights of the new interventions.

Such interventions include revised fines and stricter enforcement of regulations. He also identified key areas requiring inter-agency collaborations including Harmonization of vehicle length and width across the sub-region, Training of Ghana Highway Authority personnel to monitor the incidence of overloading on our corridors, Sensitization of stakeholders to improve effective compliance and Capacity-building for MTTD officers to ensure effective enforcement.

Speaking at the meeting, the Western Regional Commander of MTTD, Chief Superintendent Isaac Sorkpah also called on the judiciary to support law enforcement, especially for road traffic offences in accordance with the Road Traffic Act.


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