20 KNUST agric students to benefit from Ernest Akwasi Appiah Scholarship Scheme

20 KNUST agric students to benefit from Ernest Akwasi Appiah Scholarship Scheme

Mr. Ernest Akwasi Appiah, Group Managing Director of Enepa Ventures and AMG Fertilisers – the leading locally-owned fertiliser-manufacturing and distribution company in Ghana, has made a commitment to grant annual scholarships for 20, students from the School of Public Health and the Faculty of Agriculture-KNUST, beginning in 2022.

The 20 beneficiaries of the annual ‘Ernest Akwasi Appiah Scholarship Scheme’ will be selected based on a set of stringent criteria to be put in place which identify outstanding, yet underprivileged students from KNUST, of which Mr. Appiah is an alumnus.

According to Mr. Appiah, beyond making profit, it is part of his commitment to contribute his quota in investing in people through education. This, he believes, will enable, sustain and establish the country’s future.

He said the Scholarship scheme also aligns with his desire to see every young, bright person in school. “Financial challenges should not be a limiting factor preventing bright students from school,” he added.

The Pro-Vice chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Deans of  the School of Public Health and Faculty of Agriculture have expressed their utmost delight with the annual scholarship instituted by Mr. Ernest Akwasi Appiah, and will be working closely with him to further develop the criteria for selecting beneficiaries.

Mr.  Appiah has been at the forefront of supporting individuals and people to grow, and has over the years supported over a thousand (1,000) individuals within various communities to realise their dreams of going to school,  and fulfil potentials of establishing a business.

He has also built classroom blocks in over 10 different communities, which has benefitted over twenty thousand students.

Mr. Appiah is a silent contributor to growth – a trait that greatly influences his work in the agricultural sector, which spans over twenty-five years.



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