Nii Oyanka I appointed chairman of World Human Rights Council

Nii Oyanka I appointed chairman of World Human Rights Council

The Chief of Oblieman Traditional Area in the Ga West Municipality, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, has been appointed as the Chairman for the World Human Rights Council (WHRC) in Ghana and Africa, by the Board of Governors and Representatives.

The WHRC is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations.

With his appointment, Nii Oyanka has a mandate to promote education, training and research programmes in rural management and generate a human resource force to settle the needs of people in rural areas.

He also has the mandate to establish and run drug de-addiction center and undertake rehabilitation programme for drug-abuse, as well as organize awareness programme for the control of drug-menace and abuse.

Nii Oyanka I, expressed his gratitude to the WHRC Board and Representatives for believing in him to be the Chairman of the Council in African.

According to him, his appointment as the Chairman of the World Human Rights Council in Ghana and Africa will also motivate and boost his confidence to do more for the people that he represents as the primary mandate of every leader is to serve his subordinates.

“I am very excited to be nominated as the Chairman of the World Human Rights Council in my beloved country and Africa at large. I will discharge my duty as the Chairman of this reputable firm whether rain or shine,” he said.

Nii Oyanka I, before his current appointment to the WHRC, also served as the Chief Executive Officer for the West Africa Council of International Chamber of Commerce.

According to Founder cum President, WHRC, Ravuri Bala Raju, the vision of WHRC is the formation of fearless and non-succumbing society on the basis of truthfulness & nonviolence.

He reiterated that human rights are the basic rights of each individual in any part of the globe irrespective of cast, creed, sex, age, colour, status. Adding that it encompasses all social economic political, cultural anti-elements based on law of nature with the aim of ensuring justice, freedom and equality individual and collective existence.

Chief Patron, WHRC, Ramdas Athawale, on his part stated that all human beings are born equal and free, the only permissible discrimination amongst the people of the world is for the purpose of geographical identification.

“Human Rights are yard sticks against which all people must measure their conduct and of their governments and public officials and against which the global community as a whole must measure its progress.

No nation can move along the true democratic way of life without true democracy. Without true democracy, political democracy cannot last unless there lies on the base of it, a social democracy,” he said.



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