Role Model Africa’s Mastering Digital Summit slated for Nov 25

Role Model Africa’s Mastering Digital Summit slated for Nov 25

The Mastering Digital Summit put forth by Role Model Africa is scheduled to take place on Thursday November 25, 2021, from 9am to 4pm at the African Regent Hotel in Accra. The summit is set to explore the new digital marketing environment through Platform Building, Brand Positioning, Sales Conversion, Ads and Promos.

This came on the back of the just ended two-day forum held by the Role Model Africa on Sales Strategy, People Management, Culture of Excellence and Leadership, from which the team saw it necessary for businesses to dominate and leverage on the digital world by utilizing the various social media platforms effectively to maximize productivity.

Highlight on focused areas

Platform Building:  companies with better platforms, engage and inspire tribes to control cash flow. Platform and tribe building anchors on creating value by connecting with other businesses and allowing their products and services to find expression while engaging in fun or and following base. Companies that have or created good platforms increase business-to-business operations and widen their earnings gaps through cash flows on e-wallets and in-personal or physical stores.

Brand Positioning: be it in the digital space or using traditional media, the quest for businesses is to define and create particular impressions in the minds of prospects. When business optimizes digital platforms effectively, brand strategy will be anchored on significant deliverables such as reaching the target consumer and winning against main competition. The idea of being distinct to the customer is to establish a sort of monopoly whereby you come first once your business is mentioned or your products and services come to mind.

Sales Conversion: when you make any post on your company’s social media page you expect a call to action. What makes one company’s posts trend but another struggle to gain average visibility? What makes the social media manager of one company busily interacting with clients, but some others receive no messages in their inbox? This is the module that teaches you how to gain and convert likes, shares and comments into revenue for your business.

Ads and Promos: the algorithm of social media platforms can be harnessed effectively to increase the traction of your business posts and pages. Traditional media is now leveraging on social media to increase their reach. Learn how to use social media to acquire new clients with little investment and how a strategic understanding of ads and promos on social media can multiply your sales by at least ten times.

These sessions will be relevant to Communication Professionals, Sales Professionals, Social Media Managers, Brand and Marketing Personnel, PAs, PRs, Directors, CEOs, HRMs and Creative Directors.


The summit will be facilitated by Kwame A. Opoku and Bernard Kelvin Clive.

Kwame A. Opoku, is a global business keynote speaker with strong insights in Digital, Marketing and Digital Cyber-Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. He is the West Africa Vice-Chair for the Young Chief Executive Officer’ (CEO) Business Forum leads operation in 16 countries.

Mr. Opoku has been a voice on how individuals and companies can leverage on social media technology and innovations to build tribes and platforms, attract new clients and multiply their earnings.

Bernard Kelvin Clive on the other hand is a trainer and lecturer and was recognized as one of the ‘Apostles of the New Economy’ by the Springboard Virtual University. As a globally celebrated personal branding coach, his training and podcasts have been talked about mainly across Ghana, Botswana, UK and the USA. His ideas and perspectives on branding and digital media are touted as unconventional and revolutionary, winning him many admirers including Seth Godin.

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