West Hills Mall Review of the Month with Roselyn Ashkar

West Hills Mall Review of the Month with Roselyn Ashkar
  • …Spotlight on Banana Home, Telefonika, and New York Sizzlers      

It’s finally my turn to check out the West Hills Mall and all the great stuff they have in stock. The mall is indeed the happy place for family shopping, because I saw so many products which cater to needs of family members of all ages.

My first stop was Banana Home… and I was spoilt for choice. Wow! The store had literally everything you could need at home. From pots and pans to stationery, footwear, make-up, sunglasses, doormats – you name it and they have it. Banana is definitely the place to be if you are seeking gifts for your family and friends. Wait, did I mention how affordable the products are? You can get something for the whole family with a small budget.

After all the shopping at Banana Home, it was time to grab some lunch at Basilissa. I ordered one large pizza, one beefburger and a box of chips. Basilissa also has fried rice, sharwama, beef sauce, noodles and a wide variety of fresh juices.

I decided to reward myself with some ice-cream from Cream Inn after a wonderful day of shopping. I ordered the vanilla ice-cream on a cone and it was so tasty. I definitely have plans of returning to check out some new stores and I hope to see you there soon – and don’t forget to shop at West Hills Mall this November for amazing discount offers from various outlets within.

The West Hills Mall is located at Weija in Accra, and is home to other stores focused on fashion, health and beauty as well as home and décor. I enjoyed the experience and I look forward to going back for all my shopping needs. Also, don’t forget to watch the whole experience on Instagram @westhillsmallgh and share your thoughts. I highly recommend the West Hills Mall for you and your family.

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