Samuel Kwame Boadu – Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur To Watch


Samuel Kwame Boadu is a Ghanaian Business & Educational Consultant , Digital Marketer, entrepreneur and the Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited. He is also the author of his online debut book “God in Your Business” which was only published on a Facebook for all to read for free to help grow their businesses and a business mogul who has successfully built and transformed businesses in Ghana.

Right after serving his nation he started building his flagship business from scratch by bootstrapping whiles there were no jobs available, ran an investment portfolio of over $1 million dollars at then Beige Bank which is now Consolidated Bank of Ghana(CBG) bringing and attracting top investors into the company. He is the former Educational Consultant of RSE Company Limited, educational advisory firm that helped over 60 students study in Asia and America. In early 2017, he sold a majority stake of his management advisory and growth consultancy firm to a company in Asia but decided to leave the company afterwards to another educational consult firm.

Samuel Kwame Boadu

A portion of the sales proceeds of the firm went towards the establishment of his firm SamBoad Business Group LLC, to which today, Samuel Kwame Boadu is the Founder and CEO. He launched his mentorship Facebook Group, “Learn with Samuel Kwame Boadu”, an initiative that discovers and nurtures high-growth black entrepreneurs through consultation , sharing and helping to scale their business online to increase their revenue.

He is part of the Digital Advisory Body for Brands like Coco Vanilla Restaurants, Priority Insurance Company Limited, Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy and other 30+ small businesses. Between 2019 to 2021, Samuel Kwame Boadu has received top nominations from top awarding bodies in Ghana making him “one of the few entrepreneurs who has a stellar year and one to watch and follow”.

Samuel Kwame Boadu has been a catalyst for change in businesses across the nation through expertise in strategy, leadership and organizational culture to organizations.

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