Association of Bankers take steps to minimise banking hall transactions, drive digital interactions

Association of Bankers take steps to minimise banking hall transactions, drive digital interactions

Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB), John Awuah, has called on customers of banks to minimise in-person banking hall transactions and resort to digital platforms instead.

This, he said, will reduce rising incidents of attacks on customers by armed robbers, a situation he described as ‘troubling’.

According to him, banks have made significant investments in digital platforms as part of their efforts to improve the customer experience, including safety, as well as their own efficiency as financial institutions, hence, the need for increased patronage.

“The banks have invested heavily in platforms and infrastructure which enable their customers to transact seamlessly on various banking channels, where transactions can be undertaken without physically handling cash.”

He made these comments in response to the recent rampant attacks on retail banking customers by thieves, while speaking on local television station TV3’s ‘Business Focus’.

Touching on concerns about transaction limitations placed on digital channels, Mr. Awuah stated that customers can communicate their need for higher transaction limits to their banks in writing.

“Depending on your needs, all you have to do is talk to your bank. In rolling out some of these platforms, we set certain limits that we believe are reasonable, and on average customers rarely have the need to exceed these limits. But if the customer believes that the volume of transactions they engage in requires a higher limit all they have to do is talk to the bank, so far as the mandate you have given the bank is the right one,” he said.

Customer Apathy

Mr. Awuah, in responding to why the various platforms have received low patronage despite increased sensitisation, cited the difficulties associated with culture-change as well as other concerns raised by customers, including data privacy and high charges.

He enjoined patrons to eschew poor personal security practices such as disclosing their security codes and passwords to third parties, while arguing that increased patronage would as a result of economies of scale lower the average charge per customer.

The Chief Executive added that the Association is in constant engagement with the industry’s regulator and related stakeholders on multifaceted measures aimed at dissuading patrons from entering banking halls for their transactions, believing this will reduce attacks on customers and drive efficiency across the board.



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