Menzgold assures customers of payment from December

Menzgold has assured its customers that payment of their locked-up funds will start from December and run till end of June 2022.

Menzgold has assured its customers that payment of their locked-up funds will start from December and run till end of June 2022.

In a release, the embattled company indicated that the payment will come after a final audit of documents from customers whose monies have been locked up.

“We are striving to complete the final phase of our audit endeavours and will proceed to fully publish the following in print and digital news media: a list of all paid traders/transactors paid so far; a list of all final eligible traders/transactions; as well as the total sum of indebtedness by Menzgold Ghana Co. Limited.

“Menzgold shall proceed to pay the final publicised list and total sum from the 20th of December 2021 to 30th June 2022 in our quest to give final closure to this very depressing matter, and to restore our dear, enviable company’s integrity,” the statement said. The company further added that it has already paid some ‘deserving’ clients.

The company also stated that an earlier rigorous audit showed some documents it was presented with were either incomplete, fraudulent or inconsistent.

Further to this, the company stated it has also uncovered evidence pointing to the fact that some claimants purporting to have their funds locked up at Menzgold transacted through third parties. These parties, it said, include some ‘unethical’ Menzgold and Brew Marketing Consult staff members -adding that other supposed customers engaged via referrals and mostly close relations, who took delivery of their funds.

This, the company noted, was “under the pretext of signing them (customers) onto the Menzgold ‘Gold Vault Market’ but ended up engaging in the many cryptocurrency products on sale on the Ghanaian market, with a monthly return on investment (ROI) ranging between 30-60 percent”.

Thus, Menzgold is commencing the next audit phase by interviewing these customers to ascertain the facts.

This will help the company “satisfy ourselves with regard to questionable adverse discrepancies and irregularities which characterise some transaction claims received for audit and their subsequent payment.

“Hence, invitations will be extended to some individuals between 3rd October 2021 to the 6th of December 2021 for interactions in a bid to clarify discrepancies or irregularities.”

Following this exercise, Menzgold added, it will send a petition to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service to investigate all interdicted persons – including alleged conspirators, purported clients as well as Menzgold and Brew Marketing staff members.

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