Demand for local-made cars soar

locally-assembled cars
Kwadwo Sarfo Junior

Consumer demand for locally-assembled cars is flourishing thanks in part to Ghana’s Automotive Development Policy, key industry players have noted.

Though data on new vehicles assembled locally is scanty, key players contend there has been increased demand for models assembled at plants such as Kantanka Automobile.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kantanka Group of Companies, Kwadwo Sarfo Junior, whose firm is one of the beneficiaries of the increased demand for locally-manufactured cars in the country, says there has been a northerly change in fortune for producers and expects government’s strategic policy to continually boost demand.

“Our major challenges were only two, having government buy into locally assembled was one and convincing people in the country that they should buy a car made by a fellow Ghanaian was also a major headache.

“The introduction of the policy (Automotive Development policy) has contributed to sorting out the problem that existed. It has also boosted the taste for our vehicles especially the Pick-Ups and I am very optimistic that the culture of some countries like India, America and others towards the usage of their own manufactured cars at their various Embassies across the world, will soon be adopted by Ghana,” he said.

Mr. Sarfo outlined the company’s five-year strategic plan which is expected to see Kantanka Automobile expand its operations in the West-Africa sub-region within the next two years and the rest of the African continent in three years.

Ghana Automobile policy

Currently, Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa that is encouraging the production and patronage of locally-manufactured cars as part of the government’s industrialisation drive.

The government as part of its transformational agenda identified Vehicle Assembly and Automotive Components Manufacturing as a strategic anchor industry to be facilitated and supported as part of the 10 Point Plan for industrial development.

As a result of this positive signal, Ghana is attracting investment in vehicle assembly from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and investment partners, with positive projections of spill-overs into local manufacturing.

The vision of government for the implementation of the Ghana Automotive Development Policy (GADP) was to make Ghana a fully integrated and competitive industrial hub for the Automotive Industry in the West Africa sub-region.


Kwadwo Sarfo Junior

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