Allianz Cares first-aid kits promo launched

Allianz Cares first-aid kits promo launched

Allianz Insurance, a subsidiary of the global giant Allianz Group, has launched a consumer-reward promotion to reward motor or home accident insurance clients, among others, with portable free first-aid kits to be of assistance at their point of health need.

The promo, which is dubbed ‘Allianz Cares’, is aimed at ensuring that every Allianz policyholder or client is equipped with this portable, free first-aid box that will be available both at home and in their vehicles when travelling.

According to the management of Allianz, to qualify for the free kits both new and existing customers are required to purchase a motor, home or personal accident insurance package from any Allianz office nationwide – and be presented with a kit instantly for free.

Chief Executive Officer-Allianz Insurance, Darlington Munhuwani, in his address at the promo launch indicated that as a customer-centric brand with over a decade of experience in the industry, products and promos have been influenced by research findings and demands of the market; and the introduction of Allianz Cares is not an exception.

“Our day-to-day interactions with customers has helped us to gather insights on their needs and how we can enhance their experience with the Allianz brand. This promotion is in confirmation of Allianz’s commitment to its customers’ wellbeing.

“We as a brand would not be where we are today without the support of our clients; that is the reason we are rewarding and putting the health and safety of our clients at the forefront of our operations, and honouring them with this service,” he said.

Explaining the concept and what necessitated this particular promo, he stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives at both the personal and business levels; and since health is wealth, keeping customers of Allianz and their families safe and sound became very important.

Furthermore, the CEO emphasised that first-aid know-how and awareness in the country is quite low, and this challenge needs to be addressed in order to ensure customers of the brand are able to use the kits given to them effectively; hence, the company will be partnering the Ghana Red Cross Society to sensitise them and intensify knowledge of first-aid processes and their relevance.

“We go about our daily activities knowing well that health risks can occur at anytime and anywhere, yet not many of us have any knowledge about first-aid or have first-aid kits in our cars and homes. It is time for every Ghanaian to own a first-aid kit, and this is our contribution to the campaign. This will save lives in emergency situations,” he added.

Representing the regulator, Senior Manager, Office of Commissioner-NIC, Stella Jonah, commended Allianz Insurance for the customer-centric initiative – adding that she is optimistic that it will go a long way to help customers of the institution.

She also added that such initiatives by insurers which open their doors for customers to come in and be close to the company boosts confidence in their services, and in the industry as a whole -reiterating that the National Insurance Commission (NIC) will continue working with players to ensure Ghanaians are the ultimate beneficiaries of insurance services.


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