SIC Life host blood donors

SIC Life host blood donors
SIC Life host blood donors

SIC Life Insurance Company, the nation’s second-largest premium income earner has led seven other insurance company to donate blood to stock blood banks as the spate of road accidents are becoming very alarming.

Other insurers that took part in the exercise last week are; Enterprise Insurance Company, Enterprise Life, Glico General insurance, Glico Life Insurance Company, Activa Insurance Company and Quality Life Assurance Company.

The insurance industries nationwide blood donation is initiative of the National Insurance Commission (NIC) and the National Blood Service (NBS) which took place at the SIC Life Mall and some of the companies last week.

It will be recalled that about a month ago the Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Justice Ofori led about 150 Chief Executive Officers of all insurance companies and insurance broking firms to launch an annual blood donation exercise at the premises of the National Insurance Commission.

This follows from an appeal by the NBS to NIC to help stock the blood bank. Since then, blood donations have been done across the nation by Insurance Companies and it is expected to end by the close of October 14th, 2021.

Under a hashtag “Donate Blood to Save a Life, if You Do It for Someone, You Do It for Yourself”.

Speaking to the media that day, Dr. Justice Yaw Ofori after his donation, said without lives there could be no insurance, as businesses depend on life for the insurance business.

Saying, the blood bank approach us that they needed some blood because they were running out of stock so we decided to lead a campaign for the insurance industry to help stock it.

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