Herbal treatment has come to stay –Dr.Gyapong


…as DHC launches Thorntina-74

Dr. Yaw Owusu Gyapong, the MD of Diagnostic Herbal Clinic, has touted the efficacy of herbal products and drugs, arguing that herbal treatment is gradually gaining roots in the country and urged all to support it.

According to Dr. Owusu Gyapong herbal medicines are affordable and accessible than conventional medicine, strengthens the immune system and stabilizes hormones and metabolism.

Speaking at the launch of a new drug from the stables of Diagnostic Herbal Clinic, he indicated that the clinic was inspired to introduce a product that will complement the general wellbeing of individuals and also help boost the immune system.

He also added that plans are underway to sell the drug in other West African markets to boost intra-African trade.

“We made this product and we believe it is of high quality, so we intend to sell it across Ghana in other West African countries, now there is the talk of AfCFTA, we also want to take advantage of it.”

Dr. Kofi Bobby Barimah, Ag.Executive Director at Centre for Plant Medicine Research at Mampong, a special guest at the launch lauded the efforts of DHC and indicated that the drug has gone through rigourous research at the Centre before getting the nod and reckons it is of good quality.

Thorntina-74 also known as T-74 is a distillate from combination of various plants materials formulated with no additives and it is to be used as a food supplement to release phytochemicals including antioxidants. This will fuel the body’s immune system to naturally fight against diseases.

The main plants used are: Moringa oleifera, Spondia mombin and Tetrapleura tetroptera. T-74 is prepared from plants which are already known scientifically to contain phytochemicals proven to act as: anti carcinogen, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, antiviral.

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