Angilo Institute of Fashion graduates new designers in Tema


Angilo Institute of Fashion has held its 27th graduation ceremony at Tema Joint Church. These fresh graduates made a bold fashion statement as forces to reckon with in Ghana’s fashion industry, wowing fashion enthusiasts with their amazing designs.

The outgoing students showcased various stunning and exceptional designs appropriate for various occasions such as red-carpet events, church activities, conferences and others. Overall, 45 students graduated with Advance Certificate from the Ghana Education Service (GES)

Principal of the institute, Angelina Matey, said, the institute was established with a mission to train, empower, and provide entrepreneurial skills for the youth. Currently operating two branches in Tema and Golf City also near Tema, the school has trained numerous fashion designers who are doing well in the industry.

Mrs. Matey encouraged the students to go out there in confidence and make the best of the opportunity given and continue to be ambassadors of the school. “The knowledge and skills you have acquired will help you to excel and overcome challenges. Also, it is an opportunity to help create a better future for their families, community and the nation,” she said.

Angilo Institute of Fashion is a creative design institution launched 1996 in Accra, Ghana, by top fashion designer Angelina Matey. She established and ran Angilo Institute of Fashion for the past 16 years. It is a private institution running programmes like Fashion Design, Computer Aid Design, Millinery, Illustration, Textiles and Entrepreneurship. Currently, it has trained thousands of young fashion designers across the continent.

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