Tween Talk with Eugenia Tachie-Menson: Back to School…

Boarding school life : Eugenia Tachie Menson Can you ‘hack’ it?
Eugenia Tachie-Menson

“Wait, where did the time go?!”, she gasped

“How is it even remotely possible…?  That it’s already time to go back to school?!”, he seemed to protest

“Was it not just yesterday that we came home for holidays?”, she asked, in a mock-horror tone

Ready or not…

I was amused at my tweenage friends who didn’t seem ready to go back to school but can’t wait to become adults so they can go and come as they please and not have to answer to their parents, lol!  So how will the latter happen if time doesn’t fly, I asked them?  You could hear a pin drop – for all of one minute and then the chattering resumed.  I could hear expressions of concerns about one’s school wardrobe, waking up extra early to go to school, the very dreaded homework, and the generally tedious school life.

For many tweenagers, from next Monday September 6, they are all headed back to school; some will be entering their third term whilst for others, this would be their first term of a new academic year.  In either case, going back to school after a break can seem daunting just because the rigours of school life were thrown out of the window during the holidays – late nights of watching TV, sleeping in till 12noon the next day, eating all day everyday- pretty much living large.  Yet, go back to school, we must; so how do we transition from this easy life to school life smoothly?  I have some suggestions I want to share, if you don’t mind?

  • Start a morning schedule

You should use this weekend to practice how to set an alarm clock so you’re responsible for waking up yourself – your parents do a lot and get tired and could do with some help from you too in this regard. Set your alarm to a regular waking time after checking with your parents- soon it will become a regular routine for you.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

This can be tricky but not impossible.  Time is never on one’s side in the morning – the rush to beat the traffic alone is an effort and a half.  However, quick and healthy meals such as an egg sandwich or a banana, or boiled eggs or just an omelette are packed with enough energy to keep you mentally alert all day, instead of the mid-morning crash you will get by eating those sugary cereals, carton juices and soft drinks.

  • Set out clothes ahead of time

You can avoid frantic mornings by laying out your uniforms for the week or at least the night before.  Together with your school shoes, socks and school bag on the ready – that gives you one less ‘to-do’ in the morning.

  • Pack a healthy lunch

If you take food from home to school for lunch, then how about you plan your meals for the week together with your parents? This way, you don’t end up eating one type of food all week.

  • Make dedicated TV-free time

Watching TV is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s when and how much of it you watch that can be the problem. Start getting into a homework routine now by having TV-free time from say, Mondays to Thursdays. Use this time for a learning activity like reading a book or even talking about your day with your parents or other siblings.

  • Play board or word games

Board or word games are a great way to keep your mind engaged and focused. It can be played solo but best when it’s a group – you can play these on your way to and from school.  An increased word power is an asset to any student as your essays are guaranteed to benefit from it.

  • Stick to your bedtime

Your young mind needs plenty of sleep to be ready to learn so get quickly back into a set bedtime routine over the weekend so you don’t struggle from Monday.

  • Read every day

Learning never stops; even when you’re playing, you’re learning. Each day, take at least 30 minutes to read. This will help keep you  engaged with learning and in the routine of daily schoolwork.

  • Stock up on school supplies

This weekend, remind your parents to take you child shopping for back-to-school supplies you will need to get the year off to a successful start or finish. Shopping for backpacks, binders, and pencil cases can get you thinking (and excited) about the upcoming term

Remember, it’s a new term and a new beginning so go back to school and give it your best shot yet!


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