Wheel of life series with Lady Sam: Build your network


In the previous articles, we have looked at goal setting, vision boards and even how to manage your time. Remember, this is called the ‘Wheel of Life Series’, it is a life coaching tool that looks at the different segments or areas that represent your life.

So, starting from next week, over the next few weeks, we will be looking at the area of personal development. However, this would also be a great opportunity for you to look at your circle of people around you.  Why? Well, have you ever heard the saying that your net worth is your network?

There is also a saying, that goes, if you show me your friends then I will show you who you are. Therefore, it is fair to say that a fundamental thing to look at, when it comes to your personal development, is to look at those who are around you.

The reason why this is important to look at, is because, this can really help determine your staying power and commitment to your goals. We all know that our peer group can have some level of influence on us.

Now, please note, that I am not necessarily referring to accountability partners, I am asking you to consciously take note of those people in your circle that you can either call your cheerleaders, or are at least on the same page as you. This type of relationship or network can become very helpful when you are pursuing your goals (at the very least you will know that they will not discourage you).

At this point, let me issue a disclaimer, this is not about ending friendships or disconnecting yourself from family members, definitely not, there are different people in your life that play different roles in your life. This is just about looking at how you can be more intentional about your relationships.

I believe you have gotten the message now, having a good circle around you is important and if this is something that you have not paid attention to before then maybe it is time that you gave this more focus.

If you find that you are someone who may not have a network of people around you, do not worry, all is not lost, please find below a few pointers on the types of networks you can explore (even in this pandemic).

  • If you belong to a church and do not belong to a group, why not consider joining one? The church are always open to (committed) church members to join different groups or ministries, not only are you contributing, or giving back so to speak, you will also belong to a group that will make you accountable.
  • Make use of social media apps like LinkedIn, you can make some fruitful connections on some of these apps, but make sure you do the research first, being safe is key.
  • Be friendly, have more conversations, whenever you go out and you are in a social setting, make a conscious effort to talk to more people than you normally would, be non-judgmental and open, don’t have an agenda but then again if the opportunity presents itself then do exchange business cards, or your telephone number, you never know where this may lead.
  • Think of creating your own network, you would have to firstly understand what your niche is. Try to connect with the local leaders of your niche or at least like-minded people. Tell them of your intentions, try to get them to attend your future events. Use platforms like MeetUP and Facebook when you finally decide to invite people to your network or event. When it is more established reach out to everyone to spread the word. You don’t have to have it altogether to start, you can start on a very small scale, just start.

It is time to broaden your horizon’s.




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