Queen Mother of Lashibi Traditional Area preaches peace and love

Queen Mother of Lashibi Traditional Area preaches peace and love

Traditional leaders around the country have been admonished to embrace and preach peace and development at all times.

The Queen Mother for Lashibi Traditional Area, Manye Naa Ojeabgo II, made this appeal at the launch of ‘The Interreligious Association for Peace and Development’ organised by the Universal Peace Federation in Accra recently.

Speaking to the B&FT, Ojeagbo II – who is a Divisional Queen Mother of Nungua Traditional Council – said that for peace to grow, the youth must seriously be educated on why peace and development is the way to go rather than petty conflicts that could grow into riots.

“Just as Chief Moomen, a founder of the association said: ‘Religious and traditional leaders are needed to bring hard work, love and passion to the country, and they should also work with the youth and the society at large’. So, therefore, for peace and development to grow, the youth of our land must be educated as to the reasons why peace must prevail now, before and after elections and the next generation to come,” she said.

Ojeagbo II said there is much joy in having good health and peace, and by bringing everyone together so we can make it possible to achieve the goals of our country as one.

“For peace to reign, it must first start among the youth; and you don’t have to play with the mind of the youth to instigate conflict. If we are at peace and love each other well, everything – especially tourism and investment – will make Ghana gain more than enough,” she added.

Manye Naa Ojeagbo II thanked organisers of the association and commended the people of Lashibi and its environs, and Nungua Traditional Council, for the prevailing peace and love among the youth.

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