GSS launches PES field work to validate data collected

GSS launches PES field work to validate data collected

…. set aside 21 days for the survey

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has launched a Post Enumeration Survey (PES) to validate data collected during the 2021 census under the directive of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to ensure quality of the exercise.

This PES focuses on recollecting data and matching it with the existing one, and reconciling them to make an assessment of the quality of coverage and the content that was collected during the main exercise to ensure the data collected is truly a valid one that can be trusted.

According to the Government Statistician, Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, the Post Enumeration Survey looks a bit different from the main census, especially, with the staff that will be on the field to take the information from the citizens.

“PES is different from the main census in the sense that, in the main census we identified one enumerator to an enumeration area but operationally, the PES is a group work, where the supervisors and enumerators move into an area and work as a team before moving into another area,” Prof. Annim said during the launch of PES field work at Winneba in the Central Region.

Responding to questions about measures that have been laid down to deal with issues that were raised during the main census, the government statistician assured that such issues have been resolved and out of the questions used for the main census, specific ones have been sampled out for the PES.

He emphasized that the PES, which is meant to be done in a randomly selected areas, does not suggest that data collected from the main census is not trusted but GSS is rather responding to directives of the UNFPA, adding that, there is the need to have some confidence in the data provided, hence, the exercise.

He urged both enumerators and supervisors to consciously commit to the work and bring out good results, stating that close monitoring will be done so far as the PES is concerned.

Citizens were then called on to continuously provide the needed information anytime the enumerators draw nearer to them to help make the exercise successful.

PES coordinator, Emmanuel Boateng, also said he is very optimistic that the training given to the enumerators for the past 14 days has resourced them with the requisite knowledge and skills, hence, the results from the PES exercise can be trusted.


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