Gayheart Mensah inspires youth with career journey

Gayheart Mensah inspires youth with career journey
Gayheart Mensah

Outstanding media practitioner, Gayheart Mensah, has featured on the Y Leaderboard Series hosted by the number one urban radio station, Y107.9FM. As a brilliant conversationist, Gayheart engaged host Rev. Erskine and listeners of the show in an over an hour of conversation on the show; detailing his family life, education, career and life mantra.

Growing up, Gayheart made it known that he travelled to other countries with his father due to the nature of his father’s work as a diplomat. After his father resigned as a diplomat from the civil service, Gayheart continued his education in Ghana attending St. Thomas Aquinas School.

Speaking on his education at the tertiary level however, he admitted that financing his school was tough especially after he lost his dad and there seemed to be no support.

“One of the very difficult decisions I made was to go to GIJ. It was difficult because I had to look for a way to mobilize school fees. I had to walk from Labadi to GIJ not because I wanted to keep fit but because times were hard. I almost dropped out in my final year. There were a few friends who saw that and supported and encouraged me.”

As a go-getter, Gayheart encouraged the youth to always prepare themselves for opportunities. To him, there is no luck anywhere but argues the youth can only utilize opportunities presented to them “only if they’re prepared.”

He further advised the youth to have their ambitions fueled by the desire to make an impact. He noted that while each of us has a personal motivation for what we do in life, we must always look out for how we can make an impact in whatever we do or wherever we find ourselves.

In his submission, Gayheart shared a career advice specifically on what to look out for when changing jobs.  He made it known that the possibility of progressing in a new job, the opportunity for capacity building and the brand of the organization should be considered before venturing into a new job.

Programmes Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay, speaking on the interview expressed: “Gayheart shared a lot with career youth and I believe he left a mark on all who tuned in to today’s show. He made it known that opportunities must be prepared for and that was a major take away for me. We at YFM are appreciative of how Gayheart made time to speak to the youth today.”

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