Feelings on your fingertips


If you listen carefully, you hear more tabs and clicks these days than ever, our reaction is either smiles, laughter, or scowl, the feelings we expect and get on our fingertips.

It is a fact that our world has changed digitally due to the covid-19 and probably won’t be going back. Almost every company and most individuals are making tremendous efforts to be part of the digital revolution, “join or be left behind”.

Insight tells us that customer buying behaviour has changed, a lot more is done online these days giving customers more options hence, the pressure for better services to retain them.

Customer engagement on e-commerce, social media, apps, and even new and more sophisticated channels like voice-activated and IoT enabled devices through to AI-powered applications and systems is on the increase.

Advances in technology and the significant volume of customer touchpoints that exist in today’s digital world mean CX (Customer Experience) has become even more complex than it was previously.

Customer experience (CX) is everything related to a business that affects a customer’s perception and feelings about it. CX focuses on the relationship between a business and its customers.

Today, CX is the way to go, currently, about 89% of companies compete mainly by customer experience, customers are willing to pay more for companies that provide excellent CX.

So really, since digitalization is surging due to covid-19, how would you deliver excellent CX digitally? Remember whenever customers engage your brand on the internet, a digital experience occurs.

Your company claims to be a customer-centric organization; you even have customer service as a value, the bigger question is, can you confidently say that you have been able to successfully translate CX to all your digital platforms.

What experience does your website, APP, self-service devices, Fintech solutions, social media, and so on give to your customers, think about it?

How are they able to navigate, locate relevant information, get engaged or respond to matters of interest on your platforms or are they simply frustrated when they encounter your service online.

Why a customer will choose your platform over another may not only be the robustness and security features, speed and ease in information processing may become an incentive to patronize your service, remember online or digital is a fast world which can easily lead to frustration. Answering why CX is needed on the various digital touchpoints underpin what to prioritize for the digital customer experience journey.

QualtricsXM revealed research showing that there are three fundamental ingredients to a good digital customer experience.

  1. Success – did the customer complete their task and achieve their goal?
  2. Effort – was the process smooth and easy?
  3. Emotion – did they come away from the interaction feeling good?

Of these, the third is the most powerful.

Digital experience is fast, accurate, and far exceeds offline experience in complexity, what is more interesting is the fact that it is increasingly becoming the norm.

Understanding your customer’s digital touchpoints and how they affect consumer perception and loyalty are critical, so harness the power of a great digital experience to add value to your service, brand to ensure increase customer retention and revenue.

The writer is a Marketing and Communications Professional

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