Wheel of Life Series: Cultivating good habitual habits   

Wheel of Life Series: Cultivating good habitual habits

I have been reading up on the things that successful people do to maintain their success. What seems to come up clearly is, the things that you do consistently determine what you experience. Even if you look at it from the context of the bible, in different scriptures, it talks about sowing and reaping.

In Galatians, chapter six verse nine it is illustrated that it is a principle. This means that if you practice or rather sow successful habits you will reap successful results. I have discovered that successful people cultivate good habits daily, the way you begin your day is crucial, starting off your day with good daily habits is key. Find below four habits successful people do daily that you can learn from;

Habit 1: This first habit is for those who are of the faith. Pray. Successful people, of the faith, pray. If you are spiritual and also believe in a higher being then the first, best thing you can do when you wake up, is pray, and give thanks to God. If you want to make this experience even more meaningful, then you can play songs of worship to create the right atmosphere. A new day represents a new opportunity, remember, life is not a right but a privilege.

Habit 2: Successful people write down the goals that they wish to achieve for the day ahead.  Map out your day and write down the goals you wish achieve for the day. Ideally you should have long term goals and so the goals you outline for the day are just a subset of those long term goals. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

Habit 3: Read, It is quite simple really, I know very successful business men who make it a habit to read up on current affairs by 8am daily so when they go into meetings they are not caught off guard, particularly on any news that may impact their business. Read to keep yourself updated with what is going on in the world. You can even try reading a new book, to build yourself up and equip yourself, especially if it is in an area that you are not familiar with, but have an interest in. This will help you to broaden your skillset and even increase your knowledge.

Habit 4: Exercise. To keep committed to daily exercise can be a challenge for some (including me) but I am sure we have all read that doing a brisk walk for half an hour a day can keep the doctors at bay. Following this habit daily will definitely yield positive results.

Following positive habits daily ensures that you live a life by design rather by chance.


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