Real estate meetup attracts more investors


The second edition of the Ghana Real Estate Meetup held last week brought together more investors across the world to interact with stakeholders in the Ghanaian real estate industry.

The Meet Up organized by Cameo 1 Homes, one of the leading luxury real estate consultants in Ghana, had over 500 people attending this second edition, signifying great interest in Ghana’s real estate industry.

This second edition proved beneficial and carried great impact from its maiden edition. This event took place last Friday, at the Base Lounge inside Cantonments in Accra. The aim of the Ghana Real Estate MeetUp is to bring together people from all areas in the Real Estate business to network, socialize and learn from one another.

Last Friday’s event saw renowned and respected speakers from the US, Nigeria, and Brazil gracing the occasion to network and discuss the real estate market developments in the country.

One of the speakers of the event was the organizer behind the event, Augustine Ewiah, a luxury realtor and the CEO OF Cameo1 Homes. Other notable speakers at the event were: Real Estate entrepreneur, Max Maxwell; Sharon Kraus, a real estate consultant; and Kofowolora Beckley, a Nigerian lawyer, realtor and investment banker.

The real estate event attracted several international investors. Some were from America, Brazil, the UK and Nigeria. Not only real estate workers attended the event but professionals from other industries were present also. One of the speakers, Max Maxwell, apart from speaking at the event, went ahead to network and unearth the potentials in real estate and related industries in the country.

Mr. Maxwell, an entrepreneur is now in talks with a Western Dewdew, a rice company in Kumasi.

Some topics discussed at the event were: real estate trends, investment opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector. The speakers, who have been in the real estate business for years, shared a lot of their experiences, touching on the opportunities they have seen in Ghana as well.

Amongst them were how to network, agriculture real estate, training sessions for luxury real estate and techniques to be used in real estate marketing.

This edition saw a lot of sponsors and partners coming on board. Hisense, Rigworld, Republic Bank and Pinkberry as well as B&FT were some of the sponsors that assisted the programme.

The first speaker at the Ghana Real Estate Meetup programme was Kofowolora Beckley who spoke about, ‘The Role of a Lawyer In Real Estate Transactions’. “The number one key role of the lawyer is to protect his client’s interest,” she said. She continued by stating that the real estate lawyer should perform due diligence when searching for property.

Moving ahead, Elizabeth Abena Anokware from Republic Bank gave a talk about ‘How To Finance a Mortgage’. Miss Anokware made attendees aware of Republic Bank’s over 30 years of experience with mortgages and how they have financed about 3000 homes. Then, she went on to encourage people to learn and take a step in financing a mortgage.

Other speakers present were Hannah Atiase, Sharon Kraus, Koby Awuah and Alonzo Abron Jr. Each speaker came to share their knowledge on their area of expertise, from Investing in African and Ghanaian Real Estate to Real Estate Trends to answering questions about real estate in general.

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