ICUMS phase 2 will be ready next month

Director of Operations at Ghana Link Services Ltd, Raymond Amaglo speaking on Eye on Port

…urge importers to do away with malpractices during clearance

The second phase development of Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) deployed by Ghana Link Services Limited, is expected to be ready by September 2021,the Director of Operations at Ghana Link Services Ltd, Raymond Amaglo has revealed.

The development, according to him, which is currently at it advance stage when completed would include an e-auction process, in addition to that, is the Advanced Passenger Information System to be used at the Airport for risk profiling of cargo and people.

An e-wallet system, he further said, would be introduced to serve as a safe net to keep outstanding balance for future transactions with the Ghana Revenue Authourity (GRA).

Mr. Amaglo urged importers and in extension, clearing agents, to eschew dishonest practices during the import clearance process in order to avoid frustrations that may emerge as a result.

Educating the public on the car clearance process on the Eye on Port program, Mr. Amaglo stated that the Integrated Customs Management System is robust and doesn’t give room to malpractices in the clearance processes.

He said, “declarants have to ensure that they are putting in the right information. If you are not compliant, the system is able to frustrate you.”

The Director of Operations in the same vein, averred that the ICUMS rewards compliant users, by ensuring a seamless, convenient, and quick turnaround time during the clearance process.

He revealed that “vehicle declarations are now being churned out in a matter of hours from Customs, so if they are able to truthfully and accurately declare they would have a very good journey with ICUMS.”

Mr. Amaglo touted ICUMS for ensuring that importers save time and money with its pre-manifest declaration which allows declarants to submit documents and pay relevant duties and taxes electronically prior to the arrival of the shipment into Ghana.

“One advantage of the pre-manifest declaration is that, once you have paid at this stage, you won’t be affected by exchange rate increases when customs update it weekly until arrival of vessel,” he disclosed.

The official from the IT solutions company mentioned that, ICUMS has integrated with all commercial banks operating in the country, as well as enabling importers to pay with the various payment options, such as visa, Mastercard and mobile money, unlike in previous years.

He said ICUMS’ integration with the various stakeholders in the clearance chain has created a centralised platform for submission of relevant information, making it easy for importers to remotely and conveniently do business.

Key among the benefits of the ICUMS system, according to the Director of Operations, is the retention of the duty calculator which helps importers of used cars get a close estimate of duties payable.


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