CEO Accelerator Programme holds second breakfast retreat


The CEO Accelerator Programme that supports C-suite leaders to embrace a bold, new leadership mind-set, take control of their calendar and learn to adapt to a rapidly changing environment held its second CEO Breakfast Retreat themed ‘Creative Renewal’.

The CEO Breakfast Retreat brought together business leaders from different sectors of the economy to connect and create new pathways for leadership transformation in a rapidly changing world.

Guest speakers at the Retreat included Kofi Dadzie, Former Co-Founder & CEO of Rancard; Esther Cobbah, Founder and CEO of Stratcomm Africa; Michael Ikpoki, Former CEO of MTN Ghana and MTN Nigeria; and Dr, Leticia Adelaide Appiah, Executive Director of the National Population Council. The guest speakers shared their experience on their leadership journeys.

Speaking at the retreat, Mr. Dadzie urged leaders to revisit their visions as a dream so that can project something which corresponds with what a highly scalable and impactful mission for their organisation can be.

“Most companies will say we have a vision, mission, core values, objectives, strategy and goals, but often what we are actually looking for is a realization. A certain set of outcomes that’s inured to the benefit of the stakeholder of the business. But I believe in that process, we don’t spend enough time investing in arriving at a powerful dream. The power of the dream is the most important predicate to the skills, size and impact of the realization,” he said.

The Convener of the CEO Accelerator Programme, Robert Marshall Bennin, Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at Temple Advisory Limited commended the members on the program for embarking on the 12-month journey of learning and growth.

“Being on the programme is an exercise in humility, courage and discipline. You have made a commitment to invest in your leadership. The mission of the CEO Accelerator Programme is to build a cadre of highly capable CEOs who will take corporate Africa into a glorious future. The future of the continent is in the hands of leaders who lead our institutions. And your effective leadership is what will make all the difference.”

The CEO Accelerator Programme is a strategically curated network of highly capable C-Suite leaders who connect to share expertise, peer coach and challenge each other to accelerate personal and organizational transformation. There are currently four cohorts with over four business leaders from 18 different business sectors on the CEO Accelerator Program. Each cohort consists of 8 to 12 enterprise leaders from different sectors.

CEOs from the 1st cohort who have been on the program for 12 months, were full of praise for the program, which created a safe space for them to share, be vulnerable and to receive valuable feedback from each other. They also expressed deep appreciation for the coaching they received to practice critical routines and behaviours that have accelerated their leadership growth.

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