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Agrihouse Foundation has developed a mobile news App, ‘AgriWatch News App’ to compliment and scale-up its online interventional project, ‘AgriWatch New Portal,’ aimed at providing the public with timely, accurate and credible agric-related news.

AgriWatch New Portal was initiated in the early months of last year, at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, when the Foundation noticed the dire socio-economic implications the spread of the virus was having on the agricultural sector, in the country and beyond.

“The agric-new portal intervention was the Foundations way of responding to the need of our stakeholders and general public to stay updated on how the agricultural sector was doing amidst the pandemic. AgriWatch therefore continuously monitors and publishes timely, accurate and credible agric-related news coming from Ghana and across the globe,” Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa noted.

A year down the line, AgriWatch New Portal is becoming one of the fastest growing, prominent and most visited news websites, among Ghanaians and international stakeholders. This fast-growing visibility and general acceptance have necessitated the design and implementation of the new mobile news App, which is here to scale-up and make accessing news on ‘AgricWatch News Portal,’ easier and more convenient for readers.

The mobile new App, ‘AgriWatch News App.’ is presently featured on the Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded onto all smart phone devices. The news app, just like the website highlights all relevant agric-related news; from Agrihouse news, to regional, to national and international agri-related news. The Agriwatch New App is easy to browse. Users can create a personal account, save news articles to read later or use for future reference. The App comes with a colourful green and white interface that appeals to sight, and a font size that makes reading very comfortable.

With this new mobile application, the Foundation seeks to continue expanding it communications portfolio and make agriculture-related online news more related, exciting and friendly to all Ghanaians and agri-stakeholders across the globe.

“Agriculture news is essential. We want to make it more refreshing for our reader. When most people think about agric news, they think boring and most of the time, old age. But agic news is very current and relevant because it aligns with our everyday life in all critical ways, such as earning an income through agribusiness, ensuring healthy living and providing nourishment for our body,” Alberta stressed.

The Foundation, she noted, is therefore very excited about this news app, and happier to continue contributing to the Agric space in this modern and relevant way, “the initiative has been in the works for a while now. We urge everyone to check it out and download it onto their mobile devices,” she encouraged. The App is always updated with relevant, accurate and exciting agric news.”

About Agrihouse Foundation

Agrihouse Foundation is a non-governmental agricultural capacity building, innovation and project management organization, with a special focus on changing the perception of, and consciously shaping the conversation around agriculture. We undertake a number of agricultural interventional projects and events, all year round, for our farmers, agric students, agribusinesses, and households into backyard farming, among others.

Our projects include, Agricultural Students Career Guidance and Mentorship Dialogues Bootcamp (AG- STUD); Livestock Poultry & Fisheries Trade Show (LiPF); International Farmers and Agribusiness Resilience and Sustainability Convention (INTAFAC).

The rest are, Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Forum (WOFAGRIC) and Gold in the Soil Awards; Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions; The Agrihouse Agri-Woman Market Place; Agri-Watch; 1 household, 1 Garden Initiative (1h,1g).


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