FBNBank visa prepaid card offers more convenience and security to customers – Head, E-Business Solutions


FBNBank Ghana has announced the introduction of an internationally accepted and multiple-use Visa Prepaid Card as the latest of its offerings to customers and clients of the Bank aimed at delivering convenience, security and privacy.

The Card which was launched as one of the highlights of the Bank’s 25th anniversary celebrations delivers several benefits to users. These include multiple use over a 36-month period and world-wide acceptance on all Visa-enabled platforms and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

It also limits spending to only the funds available on Card as it is a “stand alone” and therefore not linked to customer’s account. Other benefits include a dual currency feature which allows for loading in Ghana Cedi and US Dollars in addition to the fact that it can be used by individuals, corporate entities and families to restrict spending on travels, projects or errands.

Speaking to the benefits and features of the Card, Alexander Markwei, Head, E-Business Solutions at FBNBank Ghana said: “in our daily dealings with our customers and clients, we are able to pick out what they expect of us and what their needs are. These insights enable us to make available products which meet their expectations and make life less stressful for them.

The features of the FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card uniquely address the needs of a number of our customer groups with the added benefit of overlapping into areas which though offers a benefit, completely comes as a plus. With features such as EMV Chip and PIN enabled in addition to being a “stand-alone,” our customers can enjoy the use of a low-risk product on several platforms including the internet to make purchases.

The multiple use lends the Card to a variety of needs from personal through family or group use to several corporate purposes. For us at FBNBank, our commitment to our brand promise, enjoins us to continue offering our customers and clients the ultimate Gold standard of value and excellence. This is what drives us to remain focused on making life easier for our customers and clients.”

The FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card can be co-branded for organisations for specific occasions and comes with several safety features including Contactless, EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Chip and PIN enabled for optimum protection, default but adjustable spend limit for ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) devices and customized daily spending limit.

It also offers a low risk in terms of fraud when used on the internet. In addition to its use for personal reasons, the FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card can also be used as a gift card, a salary card, a health card, a travel card, savings card and also an internet card.

Commenting on the introduction of the FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card, Victor Yaw Asante, Managing Director for FBNBank Ghana, said “we are delighted to offer the FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card to our customers and clients because of the numerous benefits it gives them, most importantly convenience and security.

In our 25th-year of operations in Ghana, it is important that we enrich our offering to our clients and customers in very exciting and beneficial ways and the FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card delivers exactly that. Together with our recently attained PCI DSS and ISO 27001-2013 certifications, FBNBank has positioned its digital offerings as secure and convenient; two things that customers everywhere are looking for.

Within this significant period of our establishment in Ghana, we are keen to deepen our relationships with all our stakeholders, particularly our customers. We are confident we would continue to deliver successfully on this based on the passion of our staff and their capabilities and collective-desire to go further than the normal distance to put our customers first.”

The FBNBank Ghana Visa Prepaid Card is issued instantly at any FBNBank branch and can be applied for by both customers and non-customers of the Bank. It is reloadable several times within its 36-month validity period and offers users the opportunity to monitor or track spending in addition to the several benefits enumerated.

FBNBank has in its 25 years of operating in Ghana remained focused on putting its customers first. This, it has sought to do through the rich value and excellence of what the Bank contributes to the relationship with its stakeholders, particularly the customers.

FBNBank Ghana is a member of the First Bank of Nigeria Limited Group which is renowned for its great customer service and general stakeholder engagement garnered over its 127 years of operation. FBNBank Ghana has 20 branches and two agencies across the country with over 400 staff. FBNBank offers universal banking services to individuals and businesses in Ghana.

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