McDan CEO, tech experts share insights on SME transformation through digitalisation

Kojo Akoto Boateng in a conversation with the panellists, Dr. McKorley and Mariam Kaleem A-Buahin

MTN Ghana has hosted seasoned business professionals in the SME and digital space while they shared valuable insights on how SMEs in Ghana and Africa can grow their businesses through the digitalisation of their operations.

Speaking on the themeAccelerating SME Growth and Development the Role of Digitalisation’, business mogul Dr. Daniel McKorley-CEO of MacDan Group; Eric Osiakwan, a Digital Expert and Managing Partner of Chanzo Capital; and Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin, Head of Digital Marketing at Letshego, shared experiences in their specific industries. The session was held as part of a six-month SME campaign being run by MTN Business.

Dr. Daniel McKorley indicated that going digital requires a deliberate and insistent approach to changing operational efficiency, especially within the value chain. He said: “Digitalising processes encourage honesty because technology does not lie”. He admonished entrepreneurs to avoid putting themselves ahead of their businesses, and encouraged them to exhibit humility and discipline in their dealings with people.

Exploring the advantages of using digital tools, he said: “Digitalisation has helped to close gaps which could lead to fraud”. It is easier to track and monitor activities and items through digital channels than through manual ones. “Digital gives us an opportunity to instantly correct issues,” he said.

Discussing how businesses can start digitalising their operations, the Head of Digital Marketing at Letshego Ghana Savings and Loans Plc, Mariam Kaleem Agyeman-Buahin, indicated that businesses need to do an experiment of the digital process with their employees to get them to understand the process.

She advised businesses to be strategic and decide on which areas of their business they want to digitalise. She encouraged SMEs to embrace and embed digital tools in their operations and partner with other companies that can help them deliver better services.

Eric Osiakwan, who is a Managing Partner of Chanzo Capital, gave some interesting insights on digitalisation at the intercontinental level. According to him, for intercontinental trade networks to work, businesses need digital adoption as it combats corruption, provides wider reach and promotes integrity.

He said digitalisation contributes to economic growth, and as a result governments need to create the enabling environment, incentives and policy framework needed for innovation to thrive. He said these are critical in attracting investors. He concluded with the hope that Africa’s digital youth will create a new Africa that will grow to dominate the world.

This edition of the MTN breakfast meeting was organised as part of the MTN Business Campaign launched last month to support the growth of SMEs. The campaign will last for six months and features exciting activities and promotions designed for SMEs across the country. The MTN SME campaign is being held with the support of Hubtel Ghana, Atlantic Phones, E-solutions, Npontu Technologies and other partner banks.

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