Sophia Kafui Teye set to launch two books on parenting and infertility


Sophia Kafui Teye, a seasoned writer and author, is set to launch two books on parenting and infertility – a clear shift from her regular focus on financial literacy, investment, and financial security through savings.

The two books, titled ‘Overcoming Infertility and ‘Contemporary Parenting’, are targeted at addressing challenges couples encounter in their early years of marriage when they are yet to give birth and practice parenting in a contemporary world.

According to the author, who is the Business Development Manager (BDM) at Fidelity Securities Limited (FSL), the book titled ‘Overcoming Infertility’ tackles topics such as childlessness, causes of infertility and treatment, a scientific explanation of pregnancy, how society perceives childlessness as a woman’s problem, consequences of delayed childbirth, biblical assurances and possibilities of childbirth for everyone. 

“What to do when childbirth delays is very practical, as it has interviews with couples who have struggled to have children for years but have overcome the challenge. It brings to the fore practical experiences of those who are still struggling to bear children and couples who have adopted children and the issues they have encountered thereafter,” she said.

It further provides interviews with obstetricians and senior gynecologists, counsellors and men of God who have been supportive to couples who find themselves in this situation.

This book, she emphasised, seeks to serve as an advocacy tool that creates awareness on the subject of infertility, support mechanisms available, treatment options; and how society should be supportive, accommodative and sympathetic to the woes of couples struggling to have children. Its target audience includes counsellors, couples struggling to have children, pastors, libraries, fertility centres and everyone else interested in expanding their knowledge-base.

The second book, titled ‘Contemporary Parenting’, explores the contemporary phenomenon of engaging nannies and domestic assistants as a component of contemporary parenting; and in addition, shares some best practices on how to prepare to do so more effectively.

“In this current era, women have had to take up jobs to support the home – especially in roles formerly dominated by men. In order to juggle the responsibilities of work and motherhood, the need to assign some responsibilities to caregivers or nannies is gradually gaining grounds,” she stressed.

It also has extensive discussions on behavioural needs and developmental stages in children; capturing the influence of technology and social media on children, effects of strained parental relationships on children, and parenting children with special needs. It also touches on parenting in a world of changing sexual orientations.

Commenting on why she wrote the books, Ms. Teye indicated that her personal experiences in a similar situation – when she had to endure three years of pain, rejection and distasteful comments from people especially those she felt should know better – motivated her to put together the piece.

“By the grace of God, I have overcome; but there are countless of couples out there who are still praying and waiting for their gift to arrive. This book is to encourage them to stay together, disabuse their minds of the myths surrounding the issue of childbirth,” she concluded.

The book launch is slated for Saturday, July 24, 2021 at the Coconut Groove Hotel, Accra.

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