Newmont calls for enhanced protection of its Ahafo operations


Newmont Ghana says it will continue to rely on the Government, community leaders, and security agencies to protect its people, assets and communities following attacks by suspected illegal small-scale miners on national and company security protecting its Ahafo South mine.

Newmont Ghana has been collaborating with the National and Ahafo Regional Police to responsibly remove illegal artisanal miners from its Ahafo South mine’s mining area following persistent illegal mining encroachment.

The latest of these attacks occurred on Wednesday, 14th July, 2021 when the illegal operators wielding weapons and machetes attacked the police who reportedly reacted in self-defence. The illegal miners then blocked and prevented access to community routes, intercepted employee and contractor buses and vandalised company property.

A similar incident occurred two weeks ago following the arrest of seven illegal miners in one of Newmont Ghana’s Ahafo South mine pits. A group of suspected illegal miners, demanding the release of the seven operators, vandalized company and contractor buses used in conveying employees from surrounding communities to work.

“It is worrying to see illegal small-scale miners repeatedly threatening the security of our employees, assets and communities. We will continue to collaborate with the Government and other stakeholders to protect our workforce, communities, and assets as we focus on creating value that benefits our workforce, host communities and the broader country,” said Francois Hardy, Regional Senior Vice President, Africa Operations.

The company remains committed to undertaking responsible and sustainable mining that creates shared value for its stakeholders and will continue engaging in good faith dialogue and collaboration with Government, community leaders, and security agencies to bring peace and stability to its operating areas while creating viable and sustainable alternative employment opportunities for its host communities.

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