Corporate Poet: The Lost Coastal Land


Thoughts of you brought me tears

When the sad news reach my ears

As I remember the past good years

The pain was too much to bear

Your story was so sad and drear

I never knew your end was so near

You are the future we hold so dear

It was a great weeping galore

Our Homeland of unity is no more

The mighty ocean has taken over

Where else can I call my homeland?

That great coast land is lost forever


Your precious memories fill my mind

Your beautiful coast is one of a kind

The cold breeze that blows so gently

Sparkling sands shining so beautifully

A beautiful horizon for one to behold

An Island of peace as good as gold

The island is the great super glue

That kept our indigens together

Ocean waters have invaded the land

I have no homeland to point a hand

The wicked hands of climate change

Where else will I go for holidays?

That great Island is lost forever


Wake up, rise up from your sleep

As fast as the cheatah

Let us run to the mountain

For our future is now uncertain

Let us flee to the nearest nation

Let us get ready for evacuation

Our heritage is in destruction

We have lost our properties

Our farmlands are destroyed

The great sea has been provoked

The ocean has invaded the land

A painful bite of global warming

The anger of climate change

The great Island is there no more


The armies of the ocean are moving

They are strong and overwhelming

On the chariots of global warming

At the command of climate change

Man has tempered with nature

And nature is trying to revenge

Humans must develop and survive

And nature must adjust and revive

A constant struggle without end

Where else will I call my birthplace ?

That great coastal land is lost forever

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