Tourism Ministry calls for capacity building in hotel sector

L-R: Joseph Hammond, Fr. Andrew Campbell, Dr. Ibrahim Awal, Mark Okraku-Mantey, Yoofi Grant, Deborah Lee-Ann Sivertsen and Mawuena Trebarh

…as Movenpick unveils decade’s anniversary of hospitality fineness

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) has called on players in the hotel industry to take keen interest in the development and capacity building of staff in order to harness the potentials of such talents and human resources.

Tourism Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, who was speaking at the 10th anniversary media launch of the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, said it was important for employers to commit resources to train the quality of human resources they required for the job.

Commending the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel for its footprint in Ghana’s hospitality industry, the minister mentioned that the hotel has become synonymous to excellence as it has stood the test of time in the hospitality landscape.

He said the theme for the anniversary, ‘Doing the ordinary in extraordinary ways – 10 years and beyond’ is inspiring and would motivate management and clients of the hotel to have confidence in the Movenpick brand. “I am looking for a day when Ghanaian chefs, cooks and managers would be in the position to manage some of the biggest hotels in Africa; staff of Movenpick has the advantage to accomplish that due to the hotel’s forward-looking approach,” Dr Awal said.

He appealed to management of the hotel to design packages to suit the locales and to target a significant clientele from Ghana. He asked that at least 50 percent of Ghanaian dishes should be served in the hotel’s restaurant in order to help government achieve its ‘eat Ghana’ campaign.

“More importantly, Movenpick must take advantage of Ghana’s credential as the most peaceful country in West Africa to drive tourists here” he said.

General Manager of Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Deborah Lee-Ann Sivertsen, noted that the hotel will continue to explore the peaceful nature of Ghana to enhance its progress into the next ten years. “Ghana is famed for its genuine and warm hospitality. Being my first time in Ghana, I’ve witnessed and experienced the undeniable authenticity through the personalities of our staff. These values are what define the Mövenpick brand; demonstrating quality, reliability, care for guests, partners and our staff,” she noted.

Deborah Lee-Ann Sivertsen

Ms. Sivertsen expressed appreciation to government for creating an enabling environment even in the pandemic for operators to continue to do business.

Sales Manager of the hotel, Wilson Klu, outlined series of programmes and events to mark the anniversary.

The activities, he mentioned, include blood donation in collaboration with the Accra Technical University, cleanup exercise, donation to the Princess Marie Louis Children’s Hospital, a CSR project known as kilo of kindness to the Shelter of Abused Children and a climax in November this year, with a food festival and celebration of long service staff.

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