Poultry Master-Class designed to expose opportunities along value chain

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The Technical Team Lead of the Ghana Poultry Project (GPP), Raymond Denteh, explained that the two-day Poultry Masterclass for Workers and Retirees was held to expose the opportunities in the sector as well as, attract investment to improve the market share of the meat industry as a whole.

He noted that pensioners grapple with where to invest their life earnings and often invest in schemes that end up not offering the financial reward they desire. Hence, the master class was designed specifically for workers and those about to go on pension.

Mr. Denteh noted that there are a lot of opportunities along the poultry value chain and advised prospective farmers to begin small, do it well, before they can reap the rewards that go with the venture.

He said the two-day event was held virtually across the globe to expose people to the opportunities in the poultry sector.

The GPP official acquiescence that feed inputs like maize, soya and wheat bran are scarce and the problem began in December, 2020. He however admitted that it is a perennial problem which he ascribed to bad farming practices like planting maize once a year in the major season.

Denteh observed that without feed, it is virtually impossible operate a poultry farm since feed is an important aspect of the enterprise.

The two-day event was held on July, 13 and 14 in Accra targeting workers and retirees looking for investment opportunities along the poultry value chain.

Ransford Atiemo, CEO, RansBoat Farms Nsawam together with Cynthia Bani, a small-scale farmer gave participants useful tips and first-hand knowledge on poultry farming and how to source financial assistance to expand their operations.

Mr. Atiemo owns roughly 73,000 birds and produces between 1,500 and 1,600 crates of eggs per day appealed to government to reduce some of the taxes and urged government to patronize eggs for the school feeding programme instead of importing mackerel tin-fish.

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