MTN FA Cup introduces football quiz game for fans


MTN has introduced a new football quiz—the Hottseat Challenge to whip up excitement into the 2020/21 MTN FA Cup.

Participants in the challenge stand the chance of winning instant cash weekly or a new iPhone 12 Pro Max.

To participate one needs to download the Hottseat FA Cup challenge app from playstore.

The brand engagement and reward platform comes in the form ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ style trivia game engine with fully customisable backend and rewards.

Fifteen questions will be shared on the app weekly to reward 20 subscribers starting from round 64 of the FA competition.

Winners will be rewarded instantly with MoMo or call credit.

Below are the categories of winners

4th to 20th winners will be rewarded instantly with MOMO or call credit as follows

4th – 10th – GHC 150

11th – 20 – GHC 80

The top 3 winners will be invited to the studio during the live draw to be rewarded.

A team of Sports Bloggers and journalists have been recruited to watch the matches and draft questions & answers for the Hottseat.

The questions would be interspersed with other general football-related questions. Each contest would have 15 questions with multiple choice answers.

Gameplay Instructions & Rules

There are 15 questions with 4 multiple choice answers in total on the MTN FA Cup Hottseat

Your goal is to dare to attempt all 15 questions on the scale from 100 points to 1M points (To win). The scale is arranged as 5 Easy, 5 Medium and 5 Hard questions. The higher you rise, the more difficult it gets. You have 15 secs to answer each question.

If you are stuck, use our 3 lifelines. The first lifeline is “Call a friend” where you are given 60secs time extension to call a friend or research. The Second lifeline is the “Audience Poll” where the audience vote on a correct answer. The third lifeline is 50/50 where 2 wrong answers are taken out.

Let the Game begin!

Score System

The scoring system follows “Who wants to be a rich style” where you strive to get to an anchor point in order to earn that point. The anchor points are 100, 1000, 32000 & 1M.

Each question comes with its corresponding point or reward! You only have one attempt per question. Answering correctly automatically progresses you to the next question on the scale until you reach an anchor point to decide

If you want to proceed or give up. Giving up grants you the points allocated at that anchor level. Answering wrongly ends the game upon which you go home with the previous anchor points you attained.


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