Captain Planet Foundation appoints Timothy Karikari as board member


Captain Planet Foundation, renowned global environmental non-profit organization, has appointed Timothy Karikari to its board of directors. His appointment makes him the first African to be appointed to the board of the US based foundation.

Speaking to the press on his appointment, Mr. Karikari said: “This appointment is strategic as it affords me the opportunity to share experiences from our sub region with other environmentalists across the globe in advocating for a better world.

Despite the many environmental challenges we face in Ghana including illegal mining popularly called ‘Galamsey’, illegal trade in Rosewood etc., recent campaigns launched by government such as Operation Stop Galamsey in Water Bodies, Green Ghana Project and others inspires hope,” he said.

He, however, added that the environmental community is closely monitoring and hoping that these campaigns are sustained with the consistency and commitment it requires and not just rhetorics.

Timothy is currently the leader of the Ghana Planeteers Movement, the local chapter of the worldwide planeteer movement led by Barbara Pyle, co-creator of the Captain Planet animated series.

The Planeteer Movement consists of young people whose lives were shaped and inspired by the Captain Planet series and determined to practice the tenets and teachings. With his team of passionate young Ghanaians, the Planeteers Movement has launched and led major campaigns in Ghana such as the ‘1Month-1 Clean-Up Campaign’, the Youth Dialogue on Environment and Job Creation, the ‘IMatter March Protest’ and setting up of planeteer clubs in basic schools.

Timothy is a management and media practitioner and works with Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company as a Director of Broadcasting.

Captain Planet & the Planeteers was an environmental focused animated series conceived by Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Barbara Pyle. Throughout its original run, the series received multiple Emmy nominations, Environmental Media Awards, Parents’ Choice and Genesis Awards proving that education and change can be achieved through entertainment. It was the worlds first ever edutainment ‘eco-toon’ and syndicated on over 220 U.S. markets and in over 100 countries worldwide. It consistently ranked No.1 in Nielsen ratings.

Based on the success of the series, the Captain Planet Foundation was first established as a corporate foundation to support youth-led efforts inspired by the show. The organization became an independent nonprofit organization in 2001 and is chaired by renowned environmentalist and daughter of Ted Turner; Laura Seydel Turner.

Many Ghanaians remember the animated series and related well with it because of the character ‘Kwame’ in the series. Kwame, an Akan name for a Saturday male born was a 16-year-old conservationist who did everything in his power to save the world’s endangered species.

Kwame’s element was earth and could create small, localized earthquakes, moved rocks, caused holes or furrows to appear in the dirt, and turn mud to solid ground in his bid to combat environmental crimes against the earth.

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