Letshego celebrates the Spirit of Africa rising up through LetsGo


Letshego Group is a Botswana-born retail finance organisation with truly African roots spread across 11 markets, and a 22-year history of improving lives through inclusive financial solutions. Across the continent, the collective heartbeats and diversity of the people of Africa fuel the journeys, and indeed fuel the growth of this proudly African brand, leveraging digital technology and inspiring innovation to extend the reach of inclusive financial services to more customers.

“From our spoken word poetry to our dance, our myriad of cultures and languages, cuisines and passions, we are Africans building a better Africa” – such is Letshego’s expressive view on Africa, today proudly articulated and brought to life in Botswana, and spurred by the agile introduction of the brand’s digital platforms to boost customer access and experience.

Letshego has chosen its home, Botswana, and a budding key market, Nigeria, as the first two countries in which the ‘LetsGo digital’ will be rolled out. Through LetsGo, Batswana have the power to be and the power to do, beginning with Government employees and civil servants under the brand’s established deduction from source model. Through the LetsGo App (Android launched / iOS to follow), Letshego customers have access to simple financial beyond banking services on the Go, to enhance their lifestyles.

This narrative and the richness of the Group’s regional footprint in Africa are expertly narrated in the proudly African television campaign that kicks off on Botswana TV screens on 24 June 2021.  The campaign is the work of renowned Nigerian music video director, Sesan Ogunro, with representation from creatives across each of Letshego’s markets, including Botswana, to immortalise key iconic scenes and elements of Botswana’s landscape.

Andrew Fening Okai, Letshego’s Group Chief Executive said, “Digitisation is no longer a revolution – it’s a part of everyday life.  Having recently celebrated Africa Day, and as we navigate our way through a global pandemic, there is no better time than now for Letshego to be inspiring confidence in our unique strengths as a continent, encouraging collaboration to overcome our challenges, and inspiring courage for us all to Rise Up… #letsGO!”

LetsGO solutions enable Letshego customers to achieve their aspirations, empowering a progressive generation of cultural change in this new normal. With simple digital financial and beyond banking solutions that are tailored to support life goals and help improve the lives of our customers, bringing tangible spin-off benefits for our local communities, Letshego remains resolute in changing the landscape of inclusive financial services in Africa. LetsGo gives customers Digital Power through an omni-channel digital experience with Letshego continuing its journey in evolving its LetsGO platform and products to further catalyse its Strategic Transformation.

Initially the LetsGO platform – accessible via mobile phone and web – will unlock digital access to account information, loans and top-ups for existing and new deduction at source customers in Botswana and Nigeria.  The Group’s remaining 9 markets will enjoy the same digital platform benefits by the end of this year. With brand’s phased rollout of increasing depth in capability, access and products, ‘LetsGo’ is set to catapult Letshego towards its vision to become a world-class retail financial institution, improving the lives of customers across sub-Saharan Africa.

Letshego Ghana CEO, Arnold Parker added, “As a business, we have always strived to give Ghanaians digital power through our simple, appropriate and affordable solutions. Our digital journey in Ghana began with the introduction of the first paperless loan application process for Government workers through our USSD channel, then followed by the first mobile money loans for all MTN mobile money users. The soon to be released LetsGo platform is also built appropriately, to give our customers more digital power. LetsGo has the Ghanaian in mind; it has the African in mind. Our time to do more is now. Let’s go for it.”

Today, Letshego celebrates the heartbeat of our continent and a digital future with #letsGO.

Letshego Ghana Savings & Loans is a licensed financial services provider in Ghana, providing loans to individuals across both the public and private sectors, as well as supporting Micro and Small Entrepreneurs. Since the conclusion of the successful acquisition by Letshego Holdings Ltd in Jan 2017, Letshego Ghana qualifies as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Letshego Group – an inclusive finance group with more than 20 years’ experience in Africa, and a current footprint of 11 Sub Saharan Markets.

Letshego Ghana first opened its doors in September 2010 and has since grown to a staff compliment of over 290 employees, spread across 26 outlets, enjoying an expanded customer reach through strategic partnerships, innovative technology and digital delivery channels. For more info visit www.letshego.com

Letshego Holdings Ltd (“Letshego Group”) is a truly African multinational organisation, headquartered and listed in Botswana and focused on delivering inclusive finance solutions to underserved populations across its 11 sub-Saharan Africa footprint.

With a staff compliment of over 3,000 – including both direct and indirect sales agents – and more than four hundred thousand customers, Letshego is synonymous with leveraging innovation and technology to improve the lives of individuals who have limited access to traditional financial services.

In 2021, Letshego celebrates 22 years of supporting regional communities, making strong progress with the launch of its Transformational Strategy in September 2020, underpinned by digitising systems, channels and products, building momentum towards the Group’s vision to be a world class retail financial services organisation, improving the lives of mass and middle market individuals and micro and small entrepreneurs.

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