Alex Saab extradition: Defense lawyers file opening statements in US Appeals Court

Alex Saab

Mr. Alex Saab’s lawyers in the United States of America are taking steps dismiss a ruling backing the American government to continue with processes for the extradition of the Venezuelan diplomat.

They have filed their opening statements at the US Appeals Court, seeking to overturn a March decision made by a District Judge in Miami.

The judge, Robert Scola, had ruled in favor of the US government in its request to set aside Mr. Saab’s diplomatic status which makes him immune to arrest until he submits himself to authorities.

Robert Scola, in his ruling, said that Alex Saab can fight for his diplomatic status after he submits himself to the US government.

The Venezuelan government, led by Nicholas Maduro, has, already, charged Mr. Saab’s lawyers to ensure that the businessman is not extradited to face criminal charges in the US.

Mr. Saab’s lawyers, in their statements at the US Appeals Court, insisted that their client was immune to prosecution following the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

They added that the United States Diplomatic Relations Act, which implements the US treaty obligations under the Vienna Convention is being disregarded by the Miami Court’s ruling.

They want the Appeals Court to stop the US government to continuing with processes that will lead to the extradition of the diplomat.

The US says that Alex Saab, a close ally of the Nicholas Maduro regime, has benefited immensely from fraudulent schemes initiated by the Venezuelan government.

They are charging him on grounds of corruption, bribery and money laundering.

Mr. Saab has denied these claims.

Swiss Prosecutors, investigating these claims, have concluded that there is little evidence to support the allegations

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