Poetry Corner: An extreme reason 

Poetry Corner

Me…they now have as their solution

Or so they concluded

A terrorist they named me

After they seasoned and steamed and strained…their accusation

After they spiced and garnished and embellished…their suspicion

An extremist they tagged me


Me…the reason

All the reason they made all the rules

The rules

All the rules they rolled together

All the charges of high treason

Without a why reason



High treason to get me into prison


Treason I had no arsenals to fashion

Treason I had no reason to imagine


Imagine that I have been the reason

The reason to nurse a plot

A plot to get me into prison

…for no reason


But I am the reason

The reason

The reason they kept all the rules

Rules they kept just to shut me out

Shut me out without a way out

Duressed only to vouch my guilt

A guilt they vowed to count as reason

Me…I am in the middle of all they do

…for no reason


I am the reason

The reason

The only reason they rushed to raise the bar of rules

Raised the rules a bar above the rules

Just to build a bar of new codes

A barrier of rules between falsehood and truth

Me…I am the reason


Me…I was accused

Accused of disloyalty

That was so funny

But still in search of a reason so incriminating

Sure they have found no reason

To nail a pin in my pain to pin me down

Still wishing for a reason to wish me dead…as I speak

For no reason


I am the reason

The reason

Clear and crystal

Reason they changed the rules

To make me an exception to the rules

Changed the rules so to stay on the field

The field of full foul play

Foul play in the room of stealing equals


All their hot hatred

All their cold murders

Were fixed on me

For a reason to get at me

…for no reason at all

All for me


But hei! E. T…I leave all for you

So leave me alone

For one day soon

In a new season


You will be the reason

The reason for prison cells to fill to their brim

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