Corporate Poet: Global Warming


Many years ago, I enjoyed my sleep

With cool weather, sleep was deep

With fresh air the room was cool

It made me feel as if I was in a pool

I lie backwards throughout the night

My entire body relaxes until daylight

The cool weather is so pleasant

It makes the night so wonderful

A natural catalyst for good health

A stepping stone for sound sleep

A fertile ground for good dreams

In the morning I feel refreshed

I start my day with great energy


Today good sleep is a struggle

The weather is now unfriendly

The climate has changed its pattern

And my room is now an oven

Getting fresh air is now burden

Sound sleep is now a battle

I must win through a wrestle

It’s the arrows of global warming

The pain of climate change


As restless like the great sea

I keep turning and sweating a lot

Windows are open, yet rooms are hot

Our dreams are unpleasant

And night mares are prevalent

I wake up confused and my day is bad

It’s the headache of global warming

With consequences so alarming

Climate change, the change of pain


Temperatures have reached an altitude

And humans must change their attitude

Our planet has become warmer

And man must be the redeemer

More trees should be planted

Water bodies must be protected

We must reduce industrial pollution

And save our earth from destruction

Our climate is sick and dying

The ozone layer is tired and crying

Rainy seasons are now reducing

Climate change, you are so wicked

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