Nunua Skin Care launches  natural luxury line with 7 products


Nunua Skin Care, a wholly owned Ghanaian company that manufactures and distributes natural and organic skin care products such as black soap bath gels and handmade creams has launched its natural luxury line in Accra.

Nunua Skin Care transitioned from the brand Nunua Alata Samina, which started as a black soap gel company in March 2020. Speaking at the event, Mrs. Esi Arko, a director at the company stated “the transition has become necessary in order to cater to the needs and demands of our clients in Ghana, across Africa and beyond. It is also an opportunity to introduce our 7 new products unto the market. The products are Nunua Alata Samina Black gel soap, Nunua Shea Butter, Nunua Beard Balm, Nunua Black soap Shampoo, Nunua Caked Up soap, Nunua Hand Sanitizer and Nunua Facial Wash.

Mrs. Arko stated that the company’s products has currently hit some key markets such as the U.S., UK, Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda and locally in Takoradi, Kumasi, Obuasi, Tema, Tamale and many parts of Accra. “Potential distributors have contacted us from Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. This is exciting for us. We are therefore working on deepening our business footprints across these African nations as we produce more quality products, market them, engage wholesalers, and distributors and eventually become the number one natural skincare line in Africa”. She said.

Mrs. Felicia Sarpong, CEO of Paba Cosmetics and Prof. Kofi Abotsi, Dean at the School of Law, UPSA launched the luxury line. Mrs. Sarpong, in her speech stated that the launch of the natural skincare line is history being made and praised the team for developing such quality products. “All the big brands you see out there now, started off like this but it is important that we support locally manufactured products because they are made for us and we need to encourage our own to thrive”.

Prof. Kofi Abotsi, an existing customer of Nunua Skin care products, who supported Mrs. Sarpong, stated he was happy to see the products doing well. He praised the company for their excellent customer service and encouraged participants to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs as they strive to build their businesses and contribute to the Ghanaian economy.

Madam Faustina Nor Bini, a facilitator at Make-up Ghana gave a talk on skin care. She stated that it is important to understand one’s skin type to determine which products best suit your body and your face. She gave overwhelming endorsement to the Nunua skin care products as suitable for all skin types and useful in the treatment of acne and black spots. “I am very particular about the products I use for my skin because of sensitivity but I was very much pleased that the bath gel melts smoothly on your skin and the shea butter is a soft moisturizer which is the perfect choice for all skin types.

Madam Bini was full of praise for the fragrances of the products and colours the products come in, making it aesthetically appealing, refreshing for the environment and good for the skin.

Our products:

Nunua Alata Samina Bath Gel: This is a home-made local bath gel that blends the natural black soap (Alata Samina) into aromatic bath gel. We have 5 different fragrances.

Nunua Shea Butter: A whipped shea butter-based body butter to make the body cream light and easy to apply. It nourishes the skin and does not remain greasy. It comes in 4 colors; pink, blue and two types of a plain one.

Nunua Beard Balm: A shea butter-based beard moisturizer and conditioner. It promotes hair growth, reduces itching and leaves the beard feeling soft and well groomed. This is made with natural essential and carrier oils that is good for both the hair and the skin underneath.

Nunua Shampoo: An African black soap-based shampoo which contains the best essential oils to soften hard hair and also promote hair growth naturally. It is a Lavender scented shampoo which nourishes the hair and scalp.

Nunua Hand Sanitizer: A 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer that leaves your hands feeling fresh and without any sticky feeling use. It has a mild fragrance that compliments the alcohol effect and the aloe vera gel leaves the skin protected and nourished.

Nunua Facial wash: A black soap-based gel specifically made for the face. The natural effect of the African Black Soap and the enhancement by the appropriate essential oils that treats the delicate facial skin. It serves as a good make up remover and treats facial problems such as acne and black spots in the most natural way. This does not lighten the face. It nourishes and restores the natural skin in the best way.

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