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Thomas Boa-Amponsem is the Director of Business Development at Lumentech Energy Solutions

Energy is at the center of every business in the world and that is why power generation for domestic and commercial use is key to development.

The infrastructural backlog in West Africa calls on all stakeholders, private and civic movements to partner with government to address major infrastructure shortages, particularly in the historically disadvantaged communities. And, through expanded public works programme, government is aimed at mainstreaming emerging entrepreneurs into the renewable energy development arena.

A major achievement in this regard has been the promotion of small and medium enterprises in the solar energy sector as a critical link in the value chain that not only ensures delivery of alternative sources of energy, but also creates short and long-term employment opportunities for communities where they operate.

To meet this need in a meaningful way requires advanced and innovative solutions, and this is the context within which emerging companies such as Lumentech Energy Solutions are engaging with the industry.

Quality and safety policies creating immense value for customers in terms of innovation and energy efficient engineering, on-time completion & complete aftersales support is our mark of distinction.

We provide turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning of Solar Power Projects. The company understands the growing demand of power in local and global markets and hence ensures energy efficiency as one of the highest offerings. Lumentech Energy Solutions is affiliated with respected local and international suppliers and has strong ties with several reputable international industry players.

We offer consulting, planning, project management as well as procurement services of solar systems to our clients.  Our superior product quality allows us to provide long-lasting and reliable solutions that enable trouble free usage with minimum operational and maintenance costs to our clients. All our products are certified and sourced from the industry’s best players.

Lumentech Energy Solutions Limited is a trusted partner in the field of light and lighting. Our thorough understanding and expertise in solar power technology is constantly updated and fine-tuned by implementing new technologies that enable us to meet our customers’ requirements. We are very much technology-driven to deploy a full renewable energy solution, provided by a dedicated team of experts who share your passion to find better and reliable energy solutions.

Lumentech Energy Solutions is able to offer a truly dynamic service where sales, project methodologies, support and demonstrating are all combined together into a single diverse all-inclusive product.

Market analysis

While investigating the feasibility of introducing solar power technology in Ghana, we found out that there is a definite need for an alternative source of electricity.  The unpredicted and continuous power cuts are gradually increasing with very telling effects on the lives of the people.

The demand for an alternative source of energy is increasing and its implementation will lead to an increase in productivity. The lack of alternative sources of renewable energy has caused people to revert to the use of non-renewable sources of energy such as generators which have grave consequences on the environment.

The success story of the Ghanaian market is evident in the fact that over the past few years, more investors have established themselves in Ghana. These investors have brought along skills and products which have enhanced the Ghanaian economy in growth and development. The way of life of our people can be elevated by the introduction of solar energy to the regions of Ghana as the investors can freely explore these regions for development’s sake.

Lumentech Energy Solutions is committed to providing quality service and has its key objective as to contribute to poverty alleviation by employing and developing local capacity in the communities where we operate.


Green is here to stay. The desire for cleaner air, less pollutants and “environmentally-friendly” options is making the green industry a central focus throughout the nation.

Having partners across the world and being a service provider, we are able to offer our clients excellent customer satisfaction.

Due to COVID-19 Lumentech Energy Solutions uses Facebook and our online platform to interact with our clients across the country providing service excellence to the people.

Working together we can change the world!


>>>The writer is the Director of Business Development at Lumentech Energy Solutions

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