Polytank outdoors eco-friendly paper bins


Polytank Ghana, a trailblazer in the packaging industry over the past fifty years, has outdoored a first-of-a-kind biodegradable paper bin.

The bins which are very light, foldable and 100% recyclable are meant to store dry waste in homes offices and public areas.

This innovation forms part of the company’s green initiatives of producing recyclable products to help minimize waste and protect the environment from pollution.

The environmentally-friendly bins were unveiled when 500 pieces were donated to more than 35 participating schools in the 2021 edition of the Mohinani Recycling and Proper Waste Management Campaign.

The campaign involves first and second cycle institutions competing for the ultimate prize of the school that collects most recyclable waste products during the period.The winning school receives a cash reward to invest in its infrastructure.

The annual campaign serves as the flagship Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the Mohinani Group, the parent company of Polytank Ghana.

The Executive Director of the Mohinani Group, Mr. Ashok Mohinani, noted that the biodegradable paper bin was Polytank Ghana’s commitment of walking the talk of not only producing sustainable products but also ensuring that its production process is environmentally responsible.

He pledged that the company will continue to invest in new technologies that helps to reduce production waste, conserve energy and reduce pollution in all of its operations. Polytank Ghana is leading the way in environmentally-friendly business practices where each manufacturing unit has recycling machines to efficiently manage production waste.

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